Deaf Culture exam 3

  1. 5 ways to connect with deaf people –
    • -learn sign language
    • -go to deaf events
    • -learn about deaf culture
    • -volunteer in schools
    • -become friends with deaf people
  2. What is the typical viewpoint on deaf people?
    mostly a medial viewpoint; they have to meet hearing standards
  3. Medial viewpoint on deaf people –
    • -culturally deprived
    • -lower expectations
    • -good speech = success
    • -focus on audiograms
    • -English is first language
    • -mainstreaming is best
    • -live in a hearing world
    • -negative labels
    • -the “cannot” syndrome
  4. Cultural viewpoint on deaf people – 
    • -have own culture
    • -higher expectations
    • -speech not needed for success
    • -focus on the whole person
    • -ASL is first language
    • -mainstreaming may be most restrictive
    • -live in both worlds
    • -positive labels
    • -the “can” syndrome
  5. Why preserve deaf culture?
    • -strengthens the identity of deaf people
    • -creates a sense of belonging
    • -fosters a positive self-image or self-worth
    • -creates a sense of pride
    • -develops respect for and recognition of the sign language of each country as a legitimate language
    • -celebrates the abilities of deaf people, departing from the pathological perspective on deaf people
    • -shows that deaf people have role models and heritage
    • -supports deaf people's contributions to society
  6. How to preserve deaf culture –
    • -give items related to deaf people to the archives
    • -establish American or International preservation societies for deaf culture
    • -train deaf people to become historians or archivists
    • -establish deaf studies programs in colleges/universities and/or lower schools
    • -incorporate deaf studies in the K-12 curriculum for deaf children
  7. Items related to deaf people for archives – 
    • •prints and photos
    • •old films (16mm and 8mm)
    • •videotapes
    • •manuscripts
    • •museum materials
    • •rare books and materials
  8. What year was LACD closed?
  9. What was LACD?
    club for deaf people BY deaf people 
  10. Why did LACD die out?
    more accomodations for deaf people and less need to gather at one place
  11. Why was the LACD building closed?
    • building needed to be reinforced for earthquakes
    • less people coming to club
    • area became more dangerous
  12. Why do deaf people walk against traffic?
    so they can see what's coming
  13. Where do deaf people sit in a doctor's office?
    somewhere so they can see the nurse's face to try to lipread for their name
  14. Why do deaf people put their hands on some things (machines)?
    to feel vibrations to see it the maching is actually working
  15. What is Musign?
    3 boys (maybe a girl) who would sign songs from the group Shanana; they sign the real meaning of the lyrics, not word for word
  16. What is Musign called now?
    Beethovan's Nightmare
  17. heafy:
    deaf person with hearing mentality/attitude
  18. How to tell someone's deaf:
    • they use their eyes A LOT
    • they use a lot of facial expression
  19. What do deaf people ask, % hearing loss or dB hearing loss?
    % hearing loss
  20. What do some deaf people judge you by?
    what school you went to
  21. Older names for ASL:
    • -signs
    • -deaf signs
    • -old signs
    • -real signs
    • -before ASL, called Ameslan
  22. When introducing yourself to a deaf person, what do you tell them?
    • 1) first and last name
    • 2) location of residence
    • 3) your schooling
  23. When introducing yourself, what do you tell a deaf person if you're hearing?
    IMMEDIATELY tell them you're hearing
  24. If you're hearing, what will a deaf person often ask you?
    • if you have deafness in your family
    • where you learned sign
    • why you learned sign
    • how long you've been signing
  25. Why do deaf people ask so much about hearing people?
    they want to know if you can be trusted and if/how you fit in the deaf world
  26. What is most important with introductions?
    eye contact
  27. Ways to get deaf people's attention –
    • tapping upper body or knee
    • waving (size of wave based on distance of the perso)
    • flashing lights (depends on person and people you are alerting)
    • foot stomp (usually for something urgent and for deaf only)
  28. Why is the good-bye process long?
    THEY KEEP SIGNING; comes from the days when communication was really restricted
  29. Do deaf people say "TTY" or "TDD"?
    They like TTY because they feel like TDD is given to them by hearing people
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