Inspection of the body

  1. Hair

    Falling out
    Blood deficiency
  2. Hair

    Prematurely gray
    decline of Kidney essence
  3. Hair

    State of the hair reflects:
    Blood or Kidney essence
  4. Hair

    Thickness and luster of the hairdepend on
  5. Hair

    Dull hair with a tendency to split
    Liver blood deficiency
  6. Face

    face color reflects:
    State of Qi/Blood/mind
  7. Face

    moisture flects:
    Stomach Qi
  8. Face

    Lustrous & moist complexion
    disease is mild, Qi and Blood are not deficient, prognosis is good.
  9. Face

    Dark & haggard complexion
    disease is severe, essential Qi is already injured, prognosis is poor
  10. Face

    Clear and rather moist
    Stomach Qi is still intact, good prognosis
  11. Face

    Dry and rather lifeless
    Stomach Qi is exhausted, poor prognosis
  12. Face

    Green color
    interior cold, pain, or interior wind (Liver pattern)
  13. Face

    Deep color:
    Floating color:
    • Deep: interior
    • Floating: exterior
  14. Face

    Thin color:
    Thick color:
    • Thin: Qi deficiency
    • Thick: Full condition
  15. Face

    Scattered color:
    Concentrated color:
    • Scattered: new disease
    • concentrated: old disease
  16. Face

    Red, entire face
    • excess heat syndrome from exogenous pathogen
    • hyperactive Yang
  17. Face

    Pale in general
    • Cold syndromes of deficiency type
    • loss of Blood
    • yin excess or yang deficiency
  18. Face

    Pale, bright white face with puffy, bloated appearance
    deficiency of Yang Qi
  19. Face

    Pale, withered face
    Blood deficiency
  20. Face

    Yellow in general
    Deficicncy and damp type syndromes
  21. Face

    Entire body is yellow
  22. Face

    tends toward bright orange
    yang jaundice from damp heat
  23. Face

    Hazy and smoky yellow
    yang jaundice with more damp than heat
  24. Face

    Withered, dried up yellow
    heat in Stomach and Spleen
  25. Face

    Salow yellow
    deficiency of Stomach and Spleen
  26. Face

    dull pale yellow
    cold damp in Stomach and Spleen
  27. Face

    pale yellow without brightness
    deficiency of both Qi and Blood
  28. Face

    pale with red spots
    • Spleen deficicney
    • stasis of Liver blood
  29. Face

    clear, moist between eyebrows
    Stomach Qi is recovering after a long illness
  30. Face

    smoky, dark yellow
    yin jaundice from cold-damp or long-standing blood stagnation
  31. Face

    blue in general
    cold, pain, blood stagnation, convulsions
  32. Face

    pale and blue
    excess yin & cold, w/severe pain in epigastrium and abdomen
  33. Face

    bluish-purple face/lips
    w/ intermittent pain in precordial region or behind the sternum
    stagnation of Heart Blood
  34. Face

    bluish-purple face/lips
    w/ high fever, violent movement of limbs in children
    signs of infantile convulsions
  35. Face

    Dark-bluish under the eyes
    cold in the liver channel
  36. Face

    white-bluish complexion
    cold or chronic pain
  37. Face

    bluish complexion in children
    Liver wind
  38. Face

    pale green under the eyes
    Liver Qi stagnation
  39. Face

    green with a red tinger
    lesser yang pattern
  40. Face

    green color with red eyes
    Liver Fire
  41. Face

    yellowish-green cheeks
    Liver Qi stag, Liver Blood stasis, Cold in Liver, Liver-Wind
  42. Face

    Green color on nose
    stagnation of Qi with abdominal pain
  43. Face

    Dark reddish green
    stagnant Liver Qi turning into heat
  44. Face

    pale green under the eyes
    Liver Blood deficiency
  45. Face

    Dark Gray in general
    Kidney deficiency and blood stagnation
  46. Face

    pale and dark complexion, with lumber soreness and cold feet
    insufficient Kidney Yang
  47. Face

    dark color complexion without brightness, but with scaly skin
    prolonged blood stagnation
  48. Face

    • deficiency or cold
    • blood deficiency or yang dificiency
  49. Face

    black in general
    cold, pain, Kidney disease (Kidney yin deficiency)
  50. Face

    black and moist looking
  51. Face

    black, dried up and burnt
    heat from Kidey Yin deficiency
  52. Face

    red tip of nose
    Spleen deficiency
  53. Face

    bluish color in the center of the forehead
    heart has suffered shock
  54. Face

    short chin
    Kidney deficiency
  55. Eye

    red color in the corners of the eye
    Heart fire
  56. Eye

    red color in the sclera
    Lung heat
  57. Eye

    green, blue, purple or red spots appearing at the end of red veins, w/purple blood spots on them
    • lesions in back or chest.
    • (If spots are not connected to veins, they have no diagnostic significance)
  58. Eye

    Gray and scattered spots, like clouds
    injury of Qi
  59. Eye

    deep black spots, like sesame seeds
    injury of Blood
  60. Eye

    Black spots surrounded by a gray cloud-like halo
    injury of Qi & Blood
  61. Eye

    red veins visible and spiral shaped
  62. Eye

    upward, straight forward or sideways staring of eye
    disturbance of Liver wind
  63. Eye

    yellow color in the sclera
    damp heat jaundice
  64. Eye

    dull white color in the corners of the eye
  65. Nose

    slightly moist and shiny
    disease not serious
  66. Nose

    heat in Stomach or LI
  67. Nose

    Dry and black
    presence of fire poison
  68. Nose

    flapping of the ala nasi sometimes in asthmatic breathing
    d/t Lung heat, Lung & Kidney Qi def.
  69. Nose

    clear nasal discharge
    exposure to cold
  70. Nose

    turbid discharge
    exposure to wind-heat
  71. Nose

    prolonged turbid nasal charge with sticky smell
    chronic rhinitis/ sinusitis
  72. Nose

    tip of the nose is green or blue
    abdominal pain
  73. Nose

    tip of the nose is yellow
  74. Nose

    white color
    blood deficiency
  75. Nose

    red color
    heat in the Lungs and Spleen
  76. Nose

    impairment of water movement
  77. Ear

    dry & withered auricles, burnt-black in color
    prolonged or severe illness, due to consumption of Kidney essence, or d/t Kidney Qi deficiency
  78. Ear

    Lobes are dry, withered and black
    extreme exhaustion of Kidney Qi
  79. Ear

    purulent discharge "Tin Ear" (infection)
    damp heat of the Liver & Gall bladder
  80. Ear

    white color
    cold pattern
  81. Ear

    bluish or black color
  82. Ear

    long and full lobe
    strong Kidneys and good constitution
  83. Ear

    thin and small lobe
    poor constitution
  84. Ear

    swelling and pain of ear or middle ear
    fire in the Shao Yang channels
  85. Ear

    swollen ear
    pathogenic factor, full pattern
  86. Ear

    thin ear
    deficiency of Qi and Blood
  87. Teeth/ Gums

    teeth are an extention of____
    infuenced by ____
    • bones
    • Kidneys
  88. Teeth/ Gums

    teeth are bright and dry, like a stone
    heat in Yang Ming in context of exterior diseases
  89. Teeth/ Gums

    teeth are dry and grayish
    Kidney Yin deficiency
  90. Teeth/ Gums

    Gums are under the influence of____
  91. Teeth/ Gums

    Lips are under the influence of ___
  92. Teeth/ Gums

    pale gums
    Blood deficiency
  93. Teeth/ Gums

    redness and swelling of gums & teeth
    • flaring of Stomach fire,
    • if no pain- empty heat
  94. Teeth/ Gums

    redness and swelling with bleeding
    injury of the vessels by Stomach Fire
  95. Lips

    pale lips
    very pale lips
    • pale: blood def.
    • very pale: blood or yang def
  96. Mouth

    bluish- purple lips
    retention of cold or stagnation of blood
  97. Mouth

    dry lips, deep red in color
    • excessiv heat
    • heat in the Spleen/ Stomach
  98. Mouth

    mouth always slightly open
  99. Mouth

    only breathes through mouth
    Lu Qi deficiency
  100. Mouth

    sudden collapse with open mouth
    sudden collapse with lock jaw
    • open: deficiency
    • closed: excess
  101. Mouth

    greenish color around the mouth
    Liver blood stasis & invasion of the Spleen by Liver
  102. Throat

    red and swollen with yellow or white ulcer spots
    excess toxic-heat in the Lung/ Stomach
  103. Throat

    bright red with mild soreness
    yin deficiency leading to hyperactivity of fire
  104. Throat

    false membrane over throat, grayish white, hard to remove, bleeding after forceful rubbing, returns immediate
    diphtheria from heat in Lu consuming yin
  105. Throat

    sore dry but not swollen red
    def Lu/ Kd yin
  106. Throat

    chronic erosion of pharynx w/ ulcers that have raised, hard edges
    blood stasis, phlegm-heat
  107. Throat

    chronic dryness and erosion with grayish ulcers
    severe yin def
  108. Tonsils

    swollen tonsils normal color
    retention of dampness or phlegm from Qi deficiency (most often seen in children recovering from pathogenic factors and chronic upper respiratory infections)
  109. Tonsils

    chronic redness & swelling that comes and goes
    chronic heat in Stomach, LI (common children)
  110. Tonsils

    red and swollen tonsils with exudate
    wind heat / toxid heat in Stomach, LI
  111. Tonsils

    Grayish tonsils
    acute glandular fever (mononucleosis)
  112. Limbs

    healthy color & firmness of the flesh and around anckle/ wrists
    good state of body fluids
  113. Limbs

    skin lacks luster & is dry, flesh is shriveled
    exhaustion of body fluids
  114. Limbs

    pale nails
    blood deficiency
  115. Limbs

    bluish nails
    liver blood stasis
  116. Limbs

    bluish color venules on the thenar eminence of the thumb
    cold in the Stomach
  117. Limbs

    bluish and short venules
    deficiency pattern
  118. Limbs

    • Liver yang rising or Liver wind in elderly
    • Bi syndrome with dampness
  119. Limbs

    empty conditions
    Liver def. & Kidney Yin, Spleen or Kidney-Yang (more elderly)
  120. Limbs

    limb paralysis
    • Spleen/ Stomach def
    • Qi/ Blood def
    • Liver yin / Kidney yin def
  121. Limbs

    full conditions
    retention of dampness in muscles and blood stasis
  122. Limbs

    contraction of limbs:
    • acute- wind
    • empty- Liver blood/ yin def (elder, dupuytren)
  123. Limbs

    (Liver) wind, phlegm, Liver yang rising, Liver blood def, Liver/ Kidney yin def
  124. Infant

    First Gate, Gate of Wind
    (base finger/MCP)
    exterior pathogen/ mild disease
  125. Infant

    Second gate, Gate of Qi (PIP)
    interior/ more severe disease
  126. Infant

    Third Gate, Gate of Life (DIP)
    serious/ life-threatening disease
  127. Skin

    Skin is related to what three organs?
    Liver, Lung, Stomach
  128. Skin

    Dry skin
    Liver blood deficiency
  129. Skin

    itchy skin
  130. Skin

    water edema
    shui zhong, yang def edema, pitting
  131. Skin

    Qi edema
    Qi zhong, qi stag, damp, non pitting
  132. Appearance

    overweight with mental depression
    Qi def, excess phlegm damp
  133. Appearance

    sit with neck extended
    xs Lung syndrome w/ xs phlegm
  134. Appearance

    weakness, motor impairment, muscular atrophy of the limbs
    Wei syndrome
  135. Appearance

    tall, slender body
    wood type
  136. Appearance

    broad, square shoulders, strongly built body, triangular face; moves slowly deliverately
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