Misc. Words Isee 8

  1. Stipulate (v)
    To lay down the terms of an agreement
  2. Horticulture (n)
    The cultivation of plants
  3. Penultimate (adj)
    • Next to last; second to last
    • Ex: Look on the bright side; being penultimate in the race was better than being last!
  4. Penitentiary (adj)
    • 1. Of or for the purpose of penance; punishment
    • 2. Resulting in or punishable by imprisonment
    • Ex: The act of stealing cookies is not penitentiary.
  5. Deplorable (adj)
    • Worthy of severe condemnation or reproach
    • Ex: His deplorable act of murdering the old man received no sympathy from the judges or the jury.
  6. Typify (v)
    • To represent
    • Ex: His mischievious actions typified that he was bored.
  7. Bevy (n)
    • A large group of similiar people or things
    • Ex: A bevy of onlookers gathered to watch the football game in Gilette Stadium.
  8. Carnival (n)
    • An exciting or riotous mixture of something, often comical
    • Ex: The carnival of the chain reaction of events was carnival.
  9. Apposite (adj)
    • Apt in the circumstances or in the relation to something
    • Ex: The excuse was not apposite to the missed asignment, so the teacher immediately assigned the student detention.
  10. Conjecture (n)
    • A hypothesis or speculation
    • Ex: The conjectures of the little girl were ignored, even though they did make sense.
  11. Nebulous (adj)
    • 1. Unclear, vague, undefined
    • 2. Having the shape of a cloud or haze
    • Ex: The nebulous fog descended like a blanket, capturing the town in a misty gray.
  12. Maladgjusted (adj)
    • 1. Poorly adjusted to the demands and stresses of daily living
    • He was maladjusted to the new school, and was unable to keep up in his studies so he dropped out.
    • 2. Not well adjusted; unadjusted
  13. Absolution (n)
    • A formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment
    • Ex: The malicious villain received no absolution from the court.
  14. Shunt (v)
    • 1. To move from place to place in a haphazard manner
    • 2. To move to a lower rank or position
    • Ex: Because of his lazy atitude when working, his boss shunted him to he task of janitor.
  15. Conscientious (adj)
    • Wishing to do what's right
    • Ex: She was conscienious, and was always looking for a way to improve otehr people's way of living.
  16. Ecclesiastical (adj)
    • Of or relating to a church, or appropriate to do in church
    • Ex: When at a church, one must make sure that all actions are ecclesiastical so one doesn't offend the members of the church.
  17. Hedge (n) (v)
    • (n)1. A line of objects forming a barrier
    • 2. A means of protection or defense, especially against financial loss
    • (v)3. To enclose or bind as if with hedges
  18. Parlor (n)
    A room used to receive guests
  19. Legion (adj)
    • Great in numbers
    • Ex: The enemy's troops was legion and we had nearly no chance of victory.
  20. Crepe (n)
    • A light thin fabric; gossamer
    • Ex: The bridge looked as if it was held up by crepes, so I was hesitant to cross it.
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Misc. Words Isee 8
Misc. Words Isee 8