Misc. Words Isee 7

  1. Arrears (n)
    • 1. The state of being in debt
    • 2. Money that is owed and has not been payed on time; overdue debt
  2. Epigram (n)
    • A witty saying or expression
    • Ex: His epigrams confused his opponents so much that they gave up without a struggle.
  3. Veracity (n)
    • Adherance to the truth; truthfulness
    • Ex: His veracity made him a friend that was able to be trusted.
  4. Mendicant (n)
    • Given to begging; a beggar
    • Ex.He often took pity on the mendicants on the street and gave them spare change.
  5. Athwart (adv)
    • 1. From side to side; across
    • 2. So as to thwart, obstruct, or oppose; perversly
  6. Perpetual (adj)
    • Never ending or changing
    • Ex: The perpetual effects of 911 are still extant in society to this day.
  7. Perpetuate (v)
    • To cause to prevail
    • Ex: The politician perpetuated his idea of a perfect nation.
  8. Delegate (v) (n)
    • (v) 1. To transfer power to someone or to give them a task
    • Ex: I delegated my brother with the task of fetching the siscors downstairs.
    • (n) 2. A representative to which the above was given
  9. Kiosk (n)
    An open structure used as an advertisement stand or a market booth
  10. Rankle (v)
    • 1. To annoy
    • 2. To cause to inflame, to fester
  11. Moraine (n)
    An accumulation of debris left by a glacier
  12. Potter (v) (Putter)
    • 1. To waste time idling
    • 2. To occupy oneself in an ineffective manner
  13. Unscrupulous (adj)
    Without principles or morals
  14. Unfettered (adj)
    • Unshackled, free, unrestrained, etc.
    • Ex: His unfettered enthusiasm was contagious, and soon we were all laughing like children.
  15. Retrospect (adj)
    • Comtemplation of things in the past
    • Ex: In retrospect, people had often made mistakes when their "moment" was in session.
  16. Scapegoat (n)
    A person punished for the acts of someone else
  17. Kip (n)
    • 1. The untanned hides of a small or young animal(ex. a calf)
    • 2. A nap
    • 3. A unit of measurement that is half of a ton, ie. 1000lbs.
  18. Barbarous (adj)
    • 1. Primitive or uncivilized
    • 2. Able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
    • Ex: His barbarous remarks did little to demoralize the team members.
  19. Nomenclature (n)
    • A system of words used to name things in a particular discipline; terminology
    • Ex: I did not have the time to listen to his nomenclature, so I told him to cut to the chase.
  20. Concession (n)
    • 1. The act of conceding; acknowledgement
    • 2. A business
    • 3. A grant of land from the government for the promise that the land will be used for a specific purpose
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Misc. Words Isee 7
Misc. Words Isee 7