S4M3 repro

  1. quad screen
    AFP, hCG, uE3, dimeric inhibin A
  2. AFP
    • made by fetal liver
    • inc= NTD
    • dec= Downs, Turners
  3. hCG
    produced by placenta
  4. uE3
    unconjugated estriol produced by fetal liver and placenta
  5. Dimeric Inhibin A
    made by placenta
  6. 2nd trimester quad screen:
    dec AFP and uE3
    inc hCG and Inhibin-A
    2: dec AFP and uE3inc hCG and Inhibin-A

    1- dec PAPP-A, inc bhCG, inc NT
  7. trisomy 18
    2nd trimester quad screen:

    1st trimester screen
    2: dec AFP, uE3 and hCG

    1: dec PAPP-A, bhCG    increased NT
  8. 1st trimester screening
    • for pregnancys at risk of Downs of trisomy 18
    • performed at 11-14 weeks
  9. 1st trimester screening results for Downs
    • decreased PAPP-A (MOM 0.40)
    • elevated beta hCG
    • **combined with nuchal tranlucency test gives 82% detection rate**
  10. increased nuchael thickness
    • trisomy 21, 18, 13
    • triploidy
    • Turners (45X)
  11. key event triggering puberty
    pulsatile release of GnRH from the HT
  12. RLS for steroidogenesis
    levels and functionality of StAR protein (shuttles cholesterol across mtch mem
  13. when does decidualization occur
    after endometrial stroma has been exposed to Progesterone for about 10 day, during the end of the mid secretory stage
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S4M3 repro
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