Consumer Beh Ch. 11

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  1. Attitude
    enduring organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive processes with respect to some aspect of out environmant
  2. Attitude Component
    • affective: emotion/feelings
    • behavioral: response tendencies
    • cognitive: beliefs
  3. Factors that may account for attitude inconsistencies
    • lack of need
    • lack of ability
    • failure to consider relative attitudes
    • attitude ambivalence
    • weakly held beliefs and affect
    • failure to consider interpersonal influence
    • failure to consider situational factors
    • measurment issues
  4. Attitude Change Strategies
    • change the congitive component: beliefs, importance
    • change affective component: classical conditioning
    • change behavioral component: operant conditioning
  5. Types of Communication Characteristics
    • source characteristics: who delivers the message
    • appeal characteristics: how the message is communicated
    • message structure characteristics: how the message is presented
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