FS Merchandising QTR Final

  1. apron
    the lining attached to the undersurface of the foot panel of the casket and/or a component part of the throw (overlay/overthrow) which exrtends downwardinto the body of the casket
  2. Arm
    the part of the casket handle that attaches the bar to the lug (ear)

    usually only on swing bars
  3. average
    the sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units.
  4. median
    a value in an ordered set of values that represents the midpoint, whereby there are an equal number of, values above and below the midpoint value.
  5. mode
    the number that occurs most frequently in a listing of numbers.
  6. base
    the lower or supporting part of a monument, in some monuments, there may be a first, second, and third base.
  7. bronze
    a metal alloy consisting of 90% copper with tin and sometimes zinc comprising the other 10%
  8. cap
    the topmost part of the casket shell, including the ogee, crown, pie, and header.
  9. cash advance item
    any item of service or merchandise described to the purchaser as a "cash advance," "accommodation," "cash disbursement," or similar term; any item obtained from a third party and paid for by the funeral provider on the purchaser's behalf.
  10. casket
    • a rigid container which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is usually constructed of wood, metal, or like material and ornamented and lined with fabric (FTC);
    •  a case or receptacle in which human remains are placed for protection, practical utility, and a suitable memory picture;

    any box or container of one or more parts in which a dead human body is placed prior to interment, entombment, or cremation which may or may not be permanently interred, entombed, or cremated with the dead human remains.
  11. casket display equipment
    • 1. distance from the floor and the bottom of the casket should be between 26"-30"
    • 2. casket stand (casket standard) - single rack or support for casket display
    • 3. Casket rack - double rack to display 2 caskets top and bottom
    • 4. church truck - collapsable support for a casket used for service, outside, funeral home
    • 5. bier - a rigid, movement casket support used in state rooms and funeral home chapels
  12. Broadcloth
    Casket exterior covering material
    a twitled, napped, woolen or worsted fabric with a smooth lustrous face and dense texture.

    A fabric usually made of cotton, silk, or rayon woven in a plain or rib weave with a soft semi-gloss finish.
  13. Plush
    Casket exterior covering material
    a woven cloth with a nap exceeding 1/8th inch.
  14. Doeskin/Moleskin
    Casket exterior covering material
    • a heavy durable cotton fabric with a short (1i8th inch or less), thick, velvety nap on one side;
    • woven cloth with a suede-like appearance with a nap of less than 1/8'n inch which is used as an exterior covering  material for caskets.
  15. Canvas
    Casket exterior covering material
  16. Felt
    Casket exterior covering material
    made mostly with cotton or polyester
  17. Cenotaph
    a monument erected to the memory of the dead, with the dead human body not present.
  18. Epitaph
    an inscription placed on a monument to commemorate the deeds or qualities of the departed.
  19. Consumer Value lndex
    the percentage derived by dividing the wholesale cost of the merchandise by the retail price of the merchandise.
  20. Copper
    a malleable, ductile, metallic element having a characteristic reddish brown color.
  21. Crown
    the uppermost part of the cap of the casket, extending from rim to rim; everything above the rim.
  22. Deceased viewed in regular half couch casket?
    from the waist up
  23. Deceased viewed in perfection half couch casket?
    from the hip up
  24. Demonstration group/Educational group
    three or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction.
  25. Escutcheon
    protective or ornamental shield

    used for decorative or aesthetic value
  26. Extendover
    the portion of the casket interior which extends over the top body molding (body ledge) for aesthetic value,
  27. Ferrous
    any metal formed from iron (steel or stainless steel).
  28. Gasket channel
    • found on cut top gasketed caskets; is an integral part of the foot panel header on gasketed caskets;
    • the function is to hold the transverse gasket to seal the space between the head and foot cips.
  29. Graduated recovery
    the return of money produced by varying the amount expected on each selection.
  30. Increasing graduated recovery
    • entry level merchandise receiving a relatively low markup;
    • high end merchandise receives a higher markup;
    • Rewards consumer who chooses to spend the least.
    • Funeral Director receives lowest amount of profit.
  31. Decreasing graduated recovery
    upper range caskets receive markups that are comparatively less than those applied to entry level casket;

    consumer receives more value for thier money and encouraged to buy up.
  32. Modified graduated recovery
    • entry level casket has mark up slightly less than high end;
    • entry level should remain in a range of affordability for most consumers.
    • encouraged to buy better quality merchandise to receive more value for thier money.
  33. Consumerized Pricing Method
    pricing to cost is more familiar to customer
  34. Hermetically sealed
    airtight; impervious to external influence; completely sealed by fusion or soldering.
  35. Ferrous casket thickness
    20, 18, 16 gauges
  36. Non-ferrous casket thickness
    32 & 48 oz
  37. ziegler case/metal case
    transfer container
    a gasketed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or as a separate shipping container
  38. Infant & children's caskets
    • 18" - 5' in length
    • size increases in six inch increments
  39. transfer container
    must comply with ATA guidelines for air shipment of human remains
  40. Air tray
    transfer container
    consists of a wooden tray with a cardboard covering for the casket
  41. wood box
    transfer container
    • sturdy, made of solid wood
    • used to transport on a train or boat
  42. combination case
    transfer container
    transfer container consisting of a particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover to satisfy shipping regulations
  43. methods of sealing vaults
    • top seal - groove seal - method that utilizes epoxy compound in conjunction with a tonge and groove closure at top edge of vault
    • air seal - it utilizes the air pressure created by placing dome of vault onto base
    • double seal - utilizes principal of air seal in conjunction with epoxy material at junction of dome and base
    • end seal - utilizes a rubber gasket held in place on head section of vault
  44. Oversized caskets increase in length?
    3" in length
  45. Oversized caskets increase in width?
    2" in width
  46. square
    shell design
    ends and corners
    corners are at right angles
  47. round
    shell design
    ends and corners
    corners are curved in a circular shape
  48. octagon
    shell design
    ends and corners
    has 8 sides and 9 angles but not wedged shaped
  49. elliptic
    shell design
    ends and corners
    • ends are in shape of a half circle
    • half-moon semi lunar shape
  50. flaring side square
    shell design
    side (body panel)
    sides & ends flair out from bottom to top
  51. vertical side square
    shell design
    side (body panel)
    • casket bodystyle with the body sides at a 90 degree angle to the bottom
    • "state" casket
    • least expensive to manufacture
  52. urnside
    shell design
    side (body panel)
    • casket design in which the body panels display the shape of an urn
    • it is the most expensive shell design to manufacture
    • traditionally it is the ultimate or finest casket shell design in the industry
  53. Volume of container for cremated remains
    suggested minimum volume of the container is 200 cubic inches
  54. vault
    an outer enclosure which offers protection from the rearth load as well as possessing sealing qualities
  55. materials used in vault construction
    • concrete - artificial stone-like material
    • metal - ferrous & non-ferrous metals, vault std steel gage is 12, 10+7 also available
    •     steel
    •     stainless steel
    •     copper
  56. standard dimensions of a vault
    30"W x 86" L x 24 1/4" H
  57. vaults measured by
    inside dimensions (ID)
  58. Wood by-products
    • Corrugated fiberboard
    • Composition board - they are particles of wood bonded together with a waterproof glue
    •                               - the different types are distinguished by the size of the particles of wood used
    •         pressed board
    •         particle board
    •         fiberboard
    •         hardboard
  59. Ogee/Rim
    ari "S" shaped molding that is a component part of the casket top.
  60. Overlay/Overthrow/Throw
    • the aesthetic covering for the foot cap or inner foot panel of the
    • casket.
  61. Markup
    the difference between merchandise cost and selling price.
  62. Iron
    heavy, malleable, ductile silver white metallic element that readily oxidizes in moist air
  63. Pie
    the wedge shaped portion of the cap or lid at each end of the crown
  64. Body ledge
    Top body molding
    a molding along the uppermost edge of the body panels
  65. Twill weave
    Lining material
    a textile weave in which threads are crossed over one another to give an appearance of diagonal lines
  66. Lining
    material that is visable to the public
  67. Velvet
    Lining material
    a fabric of silk, cotton, and possibly rayon, with a short, dense nap or pile
  68. Crepe
    Lining material
    a thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool that is used in casket construction as a lining material
  69. Satin
    Lining material
    a fabric woven to create a smooth lustrous face and dull back

    also used as an exterior and interior material on infant caskets
  70. Linen weave
    Lining material
    a type of casket lining material that is fabric woven to look like linen
  71. Linen
    Lining material
    • a fabric made from flax
    • noted for its strength, coolness, and luster
  72. Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    found underneath lining material and used to cover the padding material
  73. Fiberboard
    Backing/Upholstery material
  74. Masselin
    Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    • a type of casket backing material that is pressed paper in sheet form
    • used in casket construction as a backing (upholstery) material
  75. Plastic
    Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    synthetic or natural organic material that is shaped when it's soft and then hardens
  76. Domet
    Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    light cotton flannel possesing a short nap
  77. Muslin
    Backing  materials
    Upholstery materials
    a heavy cotton cloth of plain weave
  78. Padding materials
    not visible to public
  79. Cotton
    Padding materials
    the soft, white, downy fibers of the cotton seed
  80. Polyethylene foam
    Padding materials
    • foam rubber
    • polymer of ethylene
  81. Shredded paper
    Padding materials
    one of five padding materials
  82. Spun polyester
    Padding materials
    one of five padding materials
  83. Wood wool
    Padding materials
    wood that has been shredded into spaghetti like string
  84. Brushed finished
    Metal finish
    bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained
  85. Plated finish
    Metal finish
    • the finish created when base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process
    • often found on casket hardware
    • in casket construction it is identified by the term "deposit," as in "copper deposit"
  86. Polished finish
    Metal finish
    • a surface made smooth and glossy usually by friction
    • brought to a highly developed, finished, or refined state
    • burnished
    • spray finish
  87. Crinkled finish
    Metal finish
    • an exterior casket finish in which the metal is coated with a substance that wrinkles as it dries
    • usually used on less expensive caskets
    • spray finish
  88. Hammertone finish
    Metal finish
    • a sprayed finish that has the appearance of small indentation in the metal (as if struck with a ball peen hammer)
    • the "indentations" are in the paint and appear as the paint dries
    • usually found on inexpensive caskets
    • spray finish
  89. Flat finish
    Matte finish
    Metal finish
    • a finish used on casket exteriors that is free of gloss
    • dull lusterless surface
    • no shine or gloss
    • spray finish
  90. Shirred interior
    a style of casket interior in which the material is drawn or gathered in parallel fashion on a machine in a multiple needle head sewing process
  91. Tufted interior
    • usually found in expensive caskets
    • ultimate style of interior materials
    • a style of casket interior created by placing a padded material between a lining material and a backing material, with subsequent stitches taken, forming small raised puffs
    • carriage tufting and biscuit tufting are the two most common types used in caskets
  92. Crushed interior
    • a form of casket interior style that is created by placing a lining
    • material on a metal form, weights added, the material steamed to set pattern, and then attached to a suitable backing (upholstry) material
  93. tailored interior
    material is tightly drawn to form the casket interior
  94. Combination interior
    one of six different types of interior materials
  95. Specialty head panels
    one of six different types of interior materials
  96. Merchandising Value Ratio (MVR)
    the relationship between the wholesale cost of the merchandise and the total cost (both service and merchandise) to the consumer
  97. Minimum and maximum number of caskets recommended for display
    • minimum is 12
    • maximum is 30
  98. Number of square feet to display a casket
    40 to 60 sq ft per casket is recommended
  99. Pre-selection roorn counseling
    • a. required federal and state disclosures
    • b. timely presentation of price lists
    • c. quantity of merchandise on display
    • d. price range
    • e. types of merchandise on display
    • f. other factors influencing total funeral costs
    • g. merchandising aids (miniature vault display)
  100. Bi-unit pricing
    Types and advantages and disadvantages of Price Quotation
    • Places one price on casket, one price one service.
    • Advantages - Allows for a comparison of the prices of caskets, places a realistic value on the casket, facilitates a comparison between caskets, and establishes a fee for services.
  101. Functional pricing
    Types and advantages and disadvantages of Price Quotation
    • method that places price on usually 4 items casket, service, facilities, and transportation
    • Advantages - all the advantages of Bi-unit pricing
  102. Package pricing
    Types and advantages and disadvantages of Price Quotation
    groups together merchandise in package
  103. Unit pricing
    Types and advantages and disadvantages of Price Quotation
    • simplest, one price is placed for both casket and services
    • Advantages - Single billing and accounting thus eliminating a division of services and merchandise.
    • Disadvantages - exaggerates the value of the casket and fails to emphasize the value of services.
  104. Fixed multiple Method (Straight Line or Times factor)
    Methods for determining markup
    Price determination method whereby cost of merchandise is multiplied by a constant factor
  105. Percentage Method
    Methods for determining markup
    price is multiplied by a certain percentage
  106. Fixed dollar amount
    Methods for determining markup
    Add same dollar amount to the wholesale price
  107. Most costly hardwood casket
  108. Slip top/Slip panel/Priest casket
    casket that displays the deceased from head to foot as the entire cap/lid is removed.
  109. Die (Tablet)
    a main part of a monument, the upright portion above the base where the inscription is located.
  110. air tray
    a transfer container consisting of a wooden tray with a cardboard covering for the casket
  111. wood box
    • a transfer container
    • sturdy, made of wood
    • used to transport on a train or boat
  112. combination case (combo)
    transfer container
    a transfer container consisting of a particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover to satisfy air shipping regulations
  113. permanent monument styles
    • flush marker - small headstone set with top even with surrounding terrain
    • bevel top marker - small headstone set above ground with slightly slanting top
    • slant marker - slat face - face has an angle greater than 45 degrees but less than 90 degrees in relationship to the terrain
    • bench -
    • Upright -
    •      vertical tablet - die is taller than it is wide
    •      horizontal tablet - die is wider than it is tall
    • specialty
  114. metal vault finishes
    • Protection vs. decoration
    • asphalt coating
    • galvanized
    • painting
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