Foundations 1 Test

  1. Father of Modern Medicine
  2. Father of Chemistry
  3. Father of Magnetic HealingĀ 
  4. Put bran back in bread
    "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"
  5. Father of Osteopathy
    A.T. Still
  6. First Chiropractic Graduate
    William A. Seeley
  7. Father of the therapeutic approach to chiropractic
    Solon Langworthy
  8. Filed first legislation
    Formed first chiropractic organization (ACA)
    Solon Langworthy
  9. Founder of Chicago College of Naprapathy
    Oakley Smith
  10. Who was the creator of the slotted table and forerunner of the activator tech?
    Storey, Thomas
  11. First woman chiropractor and first person to recieve a chiro license
    Minora Paxson
  12. First Lady of Chiropractic
    Authored "Chiropractic Anatomy"
    Mabel Heath Palmer
  13. Grand Old Lady of Chiropractic
    Founder of Central Chiropractic College
    Sylva Ashworth
  14. What three characteristics define profession
    • -High level of responsibility to client
    • -Intimate relationship with client
    • -Central area of interest and practice objective
  15. Dr. Shegataro Morikubo
    Found innocent of practicing without a license which set precedent for other cases
  16. What was the first state to license chiropractors? When?
    • Kansas
    • 1913
  17. What type of reasoning does Philosophy utilize?
    • Deductive Reasoning
    • general to specificd
  18. What is inductive reasoning
    • Drawing conclusings about the whole from knowledge of the parts
    • specific to general
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