science cells

  1. Cell Wall
    stiff structure on the outside of the membrane that provides support to the plant cell.
  2. cell membrane
    Thin structure made mostly of protiens and fats,that encloses the cytoplasm and nucleus of plants and animal cells.

  3. cell membrane functions
    • Protects
    • support
    • controls
  4. cytoplasm
    a jelly like subtance that makes all the living material in a cell except the nucleus
  5. cytoplasm functions
    • mostly water (80%)
    • expels waste
    • supports organelles
  6. nucleus
    controller center of most of the cells activities
  7. lysosomes
    an organelle that breaks down food, molecules, waste, and old cells
  8. lysosomes functions
    • powerful chemicals to breakdown food
    • garbage collecters
    • breakdown waste
  9. vacuole
    an organelle that stores water, food, and waste in a cell
  10. vacuole functions
    • storage
    • get rid of waste
    • size varies
  11. chloroplasts
    organelle in plant cells that contain chlorophyll
  12. chloroplasts functions
    • green
    • chlorophyll traps energy
    • makes chloroplasts green
  13. number of cells made every second
    25 million
  14. mitosis
    the process by which cells nucleus divides into 2 indentical parts
  15. threadlike strands in the nucleus
    spindle fibers
  16. what happens to the size of a cell during interphase
    the cell doubles in size
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