1. What was the original purpose of the EU?
    To revitalize a war-torn Europe with the Council of Europe
  2. How was the EEC (European Economic Community) "Common Market" 1957 established and what did is call for?
    The EEC was established by the Treaty of Rome which called for an elimination of all tariffs between European Nations
  3. What did the European Community of 1965 do?
    Expanded beyond economics into a unified approach to the peacful use of atomic energy; challenged nation sovereignty 
  4. How was the EU established?
    Through the Maastricht Treaty 
  5. What are the 3 pillars of influence in the Maastricht Treaty?
    • Trade and Economic matters
    • Justice and home affairs
    • Common forgein and security policy 
  6. What is the criteri for a country to join the EU?
    • Democracy & rule of law
    • Functioning market economy 
    • The ability to implement EU laws 
  7. How many memebers are there in the EU commission?
    27 members 
  8. What is the main purpose of the commission?
    To initiate and maintain new programs
  9. Who elects the EU Parliament?
    The people
  10. Whart power does the EU parliament have?
    • The right to approve the budget
    • Right to approve all nominees of the Comissions (Can remove the Commission if a vote of censure passes by a 2/3 margin)
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