1. Name two diuretics?
    Lasix, HCTZ
  2. A lay term for an MI is:
    Heart Attack
  3. The generic names for what type of drugs end in "pril"?
    ACE Inhibitors
  4. What does MVP mean?
    Mitral Valve Prolapse
  5. Discribe two types of valvular disorders:
    Insufficient (Weak or Floppy) valve; and Stenosis (stiffening of the valve).
  6. What is another name for right sided heart failure?
    Cor Pulmonale
  7. What sided heart failure causes lung congestion?
  8. The generic names of what type of drugs end in -lol?
    Beta Blockers
  9. List three symptoms of an MI:
    Chest pain, arm pain, headache, and sweating are a few.
  10. List 4 types of shock:
    Septic, Anaphylactic, Cardiogenic, Neurogenic, and Hypovolemic shock.
  11. Older women are more likely to die of Miocardial Infarctions than older men; T/F?
  12. COPD is one cause of congestive heart failure often affecting the left side of the heart; T/F?
  13. Venous Dopplar studies are typically used to diagnose deep vein thrombosis; T/F?
  14. An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) is used to correct life-threatening artherosclerosis; T/F?
  15. What are known risk factors for heart disease?
    Smoking, obesity, family history, Hypertension, and race.
  16. Blood Flow Begins in the:
    Right Atrium
  17. Deoxygenated blood, which is received from the:
    Inferior/Superior Vena Cava
  18. Passes through the:
    Tricuspid Valve
  19. Into the:
    Right Ventricle
  20. Passes into the lung via the:
    Pulmonary Artery
  21. And return oxygenated blood through the:
    Pulmonary Veins
  22. To The:
    Left Atria
  23. Then Passes through the:
    Mitral Valve
  24. To the:
    Left Ventricle
  25. And is sent out to the body through the:
  26. Reminding the patient to remain as still as possible during an ECG and using disposable, stick-on electrodes can help eliminate a(n):
    Wandering Baseline
  27. Any muscle movement, including movement of skeletal muscle, produces a measurable electrical impulse called a(n):
    Somatic Tremor
  28. What are unwanted, erratic movements of the stylus on the paper caused by outside interference?
  29. What appears as a series of uniform small spikes on the paper?
    AC Interference
  30. Noticeable patient movement that dislodges the elctrodes is the usual cause of a(n):
    Interrupted Baseline
  31. The P wave represents atrial:
  32. Ventricular depolarization is represented by the ? complex:
  33. What refers to a regular heart rate that falls within the average range of 60-80 beats per minutes?
    NSR (Normal Sinus Rhythm)
  34. The small square on the ECG represents how many mm?
    1 mm
  35. Standard limb leads are what type of leads?
  36. The what node is located in the right atrium?
  37. A fast heart rate is called?
  38. What is a slow heart rate called:
  39. An irregular cardiac rhythm is a(n):
  40. An ECG is an invasive procedure; T/F?
  41. Heart Activity:Atrial Contraction
    Electrical Current:Atrial Depolarization
    Stage:P Wave
  42. Stage:QRS Complex
    • Heart Activity:Ventricular Contraction
    • Electrical Current:Ventricular Depolarization
  43. Heart Activity:Associated with further ventricular relaxation

    Electrical Current:Associated with further ventricular repolarization
    Stage:U Wave
  44. Heart Activity:The heart at rest
    • Stage:Baseline
    • Electrical Current:Polarization
  45. Heart Activity:Time interval between atrial contraction and ventricular contraction

    Electrical Current:Time interval between atrial depolarization and ventricular depolarization
    Stage:PR Interval
  46. RA- to LA + with RL Grounded
    Lead I
  47. RA- to LL+ with RL Grounded
    Lead II
  48. LA- to LL+ with RL Grounded
    Lead III
  49. RA+ to LA/LL with RL Grounded
    Lead aVr
  50. RA to LA+ attached to LL with RL Grounded
    Lead aVl
  51. RA connected to double -LA to LL+ with RL Grounded
    Lead aVf
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