Chapter Eleven

  1. A child's cognitive representation of the self – the substance and content of a child's self conceptions.
  2. What an individual might become, would like to become, and is afraid of becoming.
    Possible self
  3. The processes involved in understanding the world around us, especially how we think and reason about other people.
    Social cognition
  4. The ability to assume others' perspectives and understand their thoughts or feelings
    Perspective taking
  5. The global evaluation dimension of the self
  6. Domain=specific self-evaluation
  7. Erikson's fifth developmental stage, which individuals experience during the adolescent years. At this time, adolescents examine who they are, what they are all about, and where they are going in life.
    Identity versus identity confusion
  8. Erikson's term for the gap between childhood security and adult autonomy that adolescents experience as part of their identity exploration
    Psychosocial moratorium
  9. A period of identity development during which the adolescent is choosing among meaningful alternatives.
  10. Personal investment in identity
  11. Marcia's terms for the status of individuals who have not yet experienced a crisis or made any commitments.
    Identity diffusion
  12. Marcia's term for the status of individuals who have made a commitment but have not experienced a crisis
    Identity foreclosure
  13. Marcia's term for the status of individuals who are in the midst of a crisis but who commitments either are absent or are only vaguely defined
    Identity moratorium
  14. Marcia's term for the status of individuals who have undergone a crisis and made a commitment.
    Identity achievement
  15. Consists of two dimensions: self-assertion, the ability to have and communicate a point of view; a separateness, the use of communication patterns to express how one is different from others.
  16. Consists of two dimensions: mutuality, sensitivity to and respect and others' views; and permeability, openness to others' views.
  17. An enduring aspect of hte self that includes a sense of membership in an ethnic group, along with the attitudes of feelings related to that membership.
    Ethnic identity
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