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  1. ephemeral (adj & n)
    lasting a very short time; transient; temporary
  2. erudition (n)
    extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books; learning
  3. eschatological (adj)
    relating to beliefs concerning the end of the world or the events associated with it
  4. eschew (v)
    to avoid or to shun
  5. estrangement (n)
    indifference where there had been love, affection, or friendliness; the act of turning away in feeling or affection; alienation
  6. evanescence (n)
    tending to vanish like vapor; transient
  7. excoriate (v)
    to denounce or berate severely; to flay verbally; to censure scathingly; to strip off or remove the skin from
  8. exemplum (n)
    an anecdote or short narrative used to point a moral or sustain an argument model
  9. exonerate (v)
    relieve of responsibiility, obligation, or hardship; to clear from accusation or blame
  10. exorcise (vb)
    to free of an evil spirit
  11. facetious (adj)
    humorous; witty
  12. fallibility (n)
    liable to err
  13. farce (n & vb)
    a ludicrous or empty show; a mockery marked by satrical, improbably plot
  14. fervor (n)
    intensity of feeling or expression; passion
  15. foible (n)
    minor flaw or shortcoming in personal character or behavior; weakness; fault
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