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    • What is the first naval ship named after an enlisted man?
    • USS Osmond Ingram
  1. Reconnaissance/surveillance platforms are?
    Drones, P-3
  2. Antisubmarine platforms are?
    P-3, MH-60R/F/B
  3. Amphibious assault platforms are?
    F-18, MH-60R/H, EA-6B prowler
  4. Logistic support platforms are?
    C-130, MH-60R/S/H/F/B, C-2 greyhound
  5. Search and rescue platforms are?
  6. Mine warfare platform is?
  7. What was the significance of May 8,1911? (Naval aviation)
    Navy purchased 1st aircraft (A-1 Triad)
  8. Name the first aircraft carrier
    USS Langley (1922)
  9. Name the first jet powered naval aircraft
    FH-1 phantom (1946)
  10. Who was the first naval aviator in space?
    Alan B. Shepard Jr.
  11. Battle of the Coral sea
    1st major battle where opposing ships did not make contact, prevented the invasion of Australia
  12. Explain the voyage of the great white fleet
    President T. Roosevelt sent 16 ships around the world to display power of the U.S.
  13. Battle of Normandy
    Largest amphibious assault in history by naval forces, June 6 1944
  14. Explain the Battle for Midway
    Turning point of WW2 in the Pacific theater.
  15. Explain what happened in the Guadalcanal
    5 aircraft carriers were involved in air offensive missions to support ground troops.
  16. Battle of Leyte Gulf
    Largest naval battle of WW2; cut off supplies to Japanese in SE Asia.
  17. Discuss the following military customs & courtesies.
    A: hand salute
    B: saluting the ensign
    C: dipping the ensign
    D: gun salute
    • A: used to display respect
    • B: upon entering or exiting a ship
    • C: a merchant ship's "salute" to a US Navy ship (lower to half mast, then fully back up)
    • D: only fired if designated by secretary of the Navy
    • 21- memorial day, Washington's b-day, 4th of July, honor the president
    • 17- admiral
    • 15- vice admiral
    • 13- rear admiral
    • 11- commodore
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