latin Chapt 2

  1. meaning of Never Go Down Any Ally's, Some People In Dallus Object.
    • Nomnitive, Genitive, Dative, Accusitive, Ablative,
    • Subject, Possession, Indirect Object, Direct object, other
  2. translations of nomitive, genitive, dative, accusitive, ablative, voccative
    • nomnitive = the
    • genitive = of
    • dative = to/for
    • accussitive = the
    • ablative = by/with/from/in
    • Voccative = Oh
  3. First Declention endings, Femine
    • a-N-ae
    • ae-G-arum
    • ae-D-is
    • am-Ac-as
    • a-Ab-is
  4. fama,famae
    noun f. rumor, report, fame, reputation
  5. forma, formae
    noun f. form, shape, beauty
  6. fortuna, fortunae
    noun f. fortune, luck
  7. ira, irae
    noun f. ire, anger
  8. nauta, nautae
    noun. m. first declention sailor
  9. patria, patriae
    noun f. fatherland, native land, ones country
  10. pecunia, pecuniae
    noun f. money
  11. philosophia, philosophiae
    noun f. philosophy
  12. poena, poenae
    (poenas dare)
    noun f. penalty punishment (idiom, to pay the penalty)
  13. poeta, poetae
    noun. m. first declention poet
  14. porta, portae
    noun f. gate, entrance
  15. puella, puellae
    noun f. girl
  16. rosa, rosae
    noun f. rose
  17. sententia, sententiae
    noun f. feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
  18. vita, vitae
    noun f. life, mode of life
  19. antiquus, antiqua, antiquum
    adj, ancient, old time
  20. magnus, magna, magnum
    adj. large, great, important
  21. meus, mea, meum
    adj. my
  22. multus, multa, multum
    adj. much, many
  23. tuus, tua, tuum
    adj. your
  24. et
    conj. and, even
  25. sed
    conj. but
  26. sine
    preposition without
  27. est
  28. volare
    to fly, move quickly
  29. venia, -ae
    f. favor, pardon
  30. clementia, -ae
    f. clemency
  31. deportare
    to carry away
  32. recusare
    to refuse, reject
  33. vitare
    to avoid
  34. turba, -ae
    f. crowd, multitude
  35. iubere
    to order
  36. ars
    nom. sg. art
  37. immodicus, -a, -um
    sound, sane
  38. creare
    to create
  39. insania, -ae
    f. unsoundness, insanity
  40. nullus, -a, -um
  41. catena, -ae
    f. chain
  42. onerare
    to load, oppress
  43. rota, -ae
    f. wheel
  44. timere
    to fear
  45. obdurare
    to be firm, tough
  46. basiare
    to kiss
  47. te
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