Day One training Quiz

  1. What does ICS stand for?
    Intesys Clinical Suite
  2. What are the 4 front facing apps in Clinical Access or ICS?
    • Smart Disclosure
    • Print Manager
    • Vital Signs Viewer
    • Custom Trends
  3. What are the 4 behind facing apps in Clinical Access or ICS?
    • HL7 ADT
    • CEI (Clinical Event Interface)
    • 12-Lead EKG management system
    • Vital Signs to EMR
    • DM3 ( Spot Check Vital Signs)
  4. How would you describe Clinical Access?
    You can get any monitored clinical data, anytime, anywhere, with no central station necessary, a total enterprise solution, seamlessly integrates patient monitors, creates a complete longitudinal record, with Holter analysis, time sync, one click access, open architecture, and non proprietary, can support virtual network.
  5. What is the Spacelabs mission statement?
    We inspire the world to bring the best care experience to patients and families.
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Day One training Quiz
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