Misc. Words Isee 3

  1. Pliant (adj)
    • 1. Bending readily, flexible, adaptable
    • Ex: The shark species are extremely pliant; they survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and multiple ice ages before living in this present age.
    • 2. Easily influenced; yeilding to others
    • Ex: His pliant nature made him an easy target for bullies in school.
  2. Wishy-Washy (adj)
    • 1. Lacking decisiveness; without strength or character
    • 2. Washy or watery; thin, weak
  3. Supple (adj)
    • 1.bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed
    • 2.characterized by ease in bending; limber; lithe: supplemovements.
    • 3.characterized by ease, responsiveness, and adaptability inmental action.
    • 4.compliant or yielding.
    • 5.obsequious; servile.
  4. Stodgy (adj)
    • 1. Heavy, dull or unintresting; commonplace; boring
    • 2. Of a thick, semisolid consistency
    • 3. Stocky; thick-set
    • 4. Old-fashioned; unduly formal and traditional
    • 5. Dull, graceless; inelegant
  5. Facile (adj)
    • 1. Done with ease, sometimes with superficiality
    • 2. Easily done, performed, used
    • 3. Easy or unrestrained, as in manner or persons
    • 4. Affable, agreeable, or complaisant
  6. Unduly (adj)
    • 1. Excessively
    • 2. In an inappropriate, unjustifiable, or improper manner
    • Ex: The press was unduly critical of the situation.
  7. Temperament (n)
    The natural disposition or visage of someone
  8. Superficial (adj)
    • 1. Shallow, not profound or thourough
    • 2. On the surface
  9. Advent (n)
    • The coming, invention, or time of something
    • Ex: The advent of newer technologies supercedes older ones and makes them obsolete.
  10. Substantiate (v)
    To give proof of, to back up; to affirm
  11. Analog (adj)
    Of or pertaining to a mechanicism that represents data by measurement of a continuous variable such as volts, kilograms, etc.
  12. Attrition (n)
    • The state of gradually decreasing in numbers or wearing away
    • Ex: The town has a high rate of attrition because many people are moving away.
  13. Pagan (n)
    • 1. One who is not religious
    • 2. A person who is a follower of a polytheistic faith
    • 3. A person deemed savage or uncivilized and morally deficient 
  14. Hedonist (n)
    A person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification
  15. Encapsulate (v)
    • 1. To summarize or condense
    • 2. To place as if in a capsule
  16. Prognosis (n)
    A forcast; a prediction
  17. Glibly (adj)
    • 1. Readily fluent, although sometimes thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely
    • 2. Easy or unconstrained, as in manner
    • 3. Agile, spry
  18. Dehumanize (v)
    To deprive of human qualities or attributes; to deprive of individuality
  19. Divest (v)
    • To take away, to get rid of
    • Ex: The trees were divested of their leaves.
  20. Denigrate (v)
    • To critisize in a derogatory manner, to belittle or disparage
    • Ex.
    • He denigrated his opponents in order to make him look better.
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