Tech 201 Ch 16 - Islam

  1. Islam is the ____ largest religion and fastest growing.
  2. Lived in Mecca
    Got Along well with people (Replacing black stone in Ka’ba)
    Worked as a merchant and took trade caravans through the Middle East (married his boss, Khadijah)
    Religious/contemplative young man who, in 610, was confused about religion and went into the mountains to pray.
  3. Exact words of God to in Arabic (as recited to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel)
    The Qur’an
  4. Means “reading” or “recitation”
    No plot or story
    It is a collection of revelations arranged in 114 sections (surahs)
    Discusses doctrine, social behavior, afterlife.
    The Qur’an
  5. What was the new way of praying that Mohammed taught?
    Open hands before the face
  6. What are the 5 pillars of islamic belief?
    • Belief in Allah and Mohammed as his prophet
    • Pray 5 times daily
    • Pay alms of 2.5% of income
    • Fast during month of Ramada
    • Haj or pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime
  7. Sunnis had the majority following and now ____% of Muslims are Sunnis with less than ____% Shi’ites
    85%, 15%
  8. What are theĀ 6 Sunni/Shia Articles of Faith?
    • Belief in God (Allah), the one and only one worthy of all worship.
    • Belief in all the Prophets and Messengers sent by God
    • Belief in the Angels.
    • Belief in the Books sent by God (including the Qur'an).
    • Belief in the Day of Judgment and in the Resurrection of the dead.
    • Belief in Destiny (Divine Foreknowledge)
  9. What is the definition of Jihad?
    Suffering or struggle
  10. What would be considered personal Jihad?
    repentance or striving for righteousness
  11. What would Jihad mean on a group level?
    • People must unite
    • Must not kill innocents
    • Must not be suicide
  12. What does Islam believe about the new testament?
    New Testament has been corrupted (Christ is great prophet, but not son of God)
  13. What does Islam believe about Christ?
    Christ did not die but was “translated” and will come again to battle evil and call all to Islam
  14. What are some parallels of Islam to Mormonism?
    • Religion is a complete way of life
    • Frequent prayer
    • Worship at mosque dressed in white
    • Dress and modesty
    • Health and diet (no pork, alcohol)
    • Month of Fasting (Ramadan)
    • Emphasis on Education
  15. What are some appeals of Islam?
    • Practical religion
    • Life commitment
    • No complicated doctrine
    • Religion of Abraham
    • Compassion and mercy appealed to downtrodden
    • Compelling story
  16. Islamic Dynasty:
    Against Byzantines
    Spain (conquest and then exile)
    Caliphate (but not related to Mohammed)
    Umayyad Dynasty
  17. Islamic Dynasty:
    Caliphate (related to Mohammed)
    Little interest in conquest
    Signed agreement with Byzantine emperor
    High cultural point for Islam
    Sunni (initially supported by Shi’ite)
    Abbasid Dynasty
  18. Islamic Dynasty:
    900 AD
  19. Islamic Dynasty:
    Cut off access to Jerusalem
    110 AD
    Defeated by the crusaders
    Seljuk Turks
  20. Islamic Dynasty:
    Conquered Crusaders
    Defeated by Mongols
    Kurdish Dynasty
  21. Islamic Dynasty:
    1300 AD
    Conquered Constantinople in 1453 AD
    Ottoman Dynasty
  22. Islamic tile work uses ____________ to create patterns that can be extended indefinitely without repitition
    symmetrical polygonal shapes
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