Tech 201 Ch 15 - Bysantium

  1. What is Rome? 4 things
    • A place: city, area, and empire
    • an ideal: Roman ideology, law and way of life
    • comparable to concept of Zion
    • Constantinople considered the “new Rome”
  2. 5 Characteristics of the west:
    • Rome
    • Roman
    • Latin
    • Western Church
    • Roman Catholic
  3. 5 Characteristics of the east:
    • Constantinople
    • Byzantine
    • Greek
    • Eastern Church
    • Orthodox Catholic
  4. Emperor that:
    Wanted to realize Constantine’s vision of a Christianized Rome
    Had mutual protection agreement with Goths until Theodoric’s death
    Intolerant of oppostion
    Chose very capable advisors
  5. What did Hagia Sophia stand for?
    Holy Wisdom
  6. What are 2 characteristics of Byzantine architecture?
    • Decorated by elaborate mosaics on walls & ceilings
    • Colored glass or glass backed with silver or gold
  7. Building:
    Largest cathedral for 1,000 yrs
    20,000 pounds of gold used in the building
    Justinian: “O Solomon, I have outdone thee.”
    Hagia Sophia
  8. What is the push of technology?
    Having something or some idea, and thinking of new ways of using it
  9. What is the pull of technology?
    Trying to create a new idea or invention to solve an already existing problem
  10. Was the Hagia Sophia a technology “push” or “pull”?
    Pull because they used already existing technologies to solve an already existing problem.
  11. Emperor Leo III ordered all images to be destroyed (732 AD)
    The followers of the emperor broke the icons but most people resisted
    The Roman Church refused to break icons(statues)
    The controversy continued for several decades and was eventually solved by accepting icons as aids in focusing worship
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