1. Why plan a sales call?
    • to Increase productivity
    • And to Not waste time
  2. What precall info should you obtain before a salescall? Optimal additional info?
    Name Address Telephone Occupation Income Family Status

    • Addt'l (PPBVHM
    • Background (Where they went to school if they did)
    • Hobbies
    • Personality type
  3. Responsibility of a manager
    • Get emploees to deviate from comfort zone
    • 10% in either direction
  4. What call objectives should you determine
    • Visionary
    • Primary Objective
    • Minimum Objective
  5. 5 stages of a sales cycle
    • Discovery meeting
    • Profile Meeting
    • Strategy Meeting?
  6. Paradigm Shift
  7. Discovery Meeting (Length, Purpose, Components)
    • 15-20 minutes in length
    • Will not try to sell you anything
    • Not stay longer than 20 minutes unless you ask me to

    • Purposes
    • 1. Is there a need?
    • 2. Is it a single need or are there multiple needs?
    • 3. What’s our next step


    • Introductions
    • 1. Standard or normal introduction (Name and company)
    • 2. Referral introduction- Mention the referring source in the introduction- brings comfort

    • Recour
    • Looking for the friend in the person you are speaking to
    • Look on a desk or a wall- make sure you can hold the conversation about it (Stay away from religion, politics and sex)
    • Plans for weekend or how was your weekend?
    • Some people build it too long

    Transition from recour: Personalized mission statement
  8. Personalized mission statement (Def., components)
    Benefit statement of what you do for a living

    Benefits and features
  9. Feature
    (Green, wheels, leather- NOT comfortable) – for a chair
  10. Benefit
    i.e. comfortable

    I’m in the business of solving for my client’s educational furniture needs in a manner that is mobile, lightweight, flexible and comfortable
  11. Survey
    A series of closed ended questions or statements to determine if there are needs
  12. Profile Meeting (Agenda, Purpose, Components)
    • Agenda- Written outline of things to be covered
    • One for yourself and one for your client

    • Purpose-
    • 1. Gather enough information to form a presentation
    • 2. Get referrals
    • Recap discovery meeting, Thorough and complete fact find, budget information (NEAD- Now- how do you currently solve for the need, Enjoy- what do you currently enjoy about the way you do it, Alter- in a perfect world what would you alter or change about the way that you currently do it, Decision- If I show you a more efficient way to solve for the need, are you in a position to make a decision

    • 3. Set a date and time for stage 3 which is called hte strategy meeting
    • 4. Referrals and introductions
    • 5. BLANK- things they would like to add
  13. 3 types of presentations
    • Standardized (canned)
    • Outline
    • Customized
  14. Standardized (Canned) Presentation (Benefits and Disadv)
    • Never changes- same for everyone
    • Can't forget anything
    • All you need is someone who can read (Cheap)
    • No flexibility
  15. Outline Presentation (Benefits and Disadv)
    • A hybrid or combination of standardized and customized presentations
    • Inexpensive with some flexibility
    • Still not personal enough for some people
  16. Customized Presentation (Benefits and Disadv)
    • Looks Amazing- Like its from them
    • Time (5 day notice and up to $1,000)
    • Usually high net worth or heavy competition
  17. 5 characteristics of a strong presentation
    1. Keeps the Buyer’s Attention- schedule plenty of breaks

    • 2. Improves Buyer’s Understanding- Not to the point where they can sell it themselves
    • Educate them just enough- but not enough to do it themselves

    3. Helps buyer remember What was said. Speak to them in their personality type

    • 4. Offers Proof of Salesperson’s Assertions
    • Aggression is filled with emptiness
    • Difference-
    • Assertive people have conviction in their beliefs which translates through to the listener
    • Can ignore someone raised voice if they get message through

    5. Creates a Sense of Value- Residue of effective time management
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