LA Sx, Q2, III

  1. According to AAEP if you have to correct something on an animal for the welfare of the patient what must you also do?
    render this animal incapable of reproduction
  2. If a ruminant is cryporchid where is the testicle most likely to be?
    SQ close to the external inguinal ring
  3. If a boar is cryporchid where is the testicle most likely to be? do we remove it?
    • retained in the abdomen
    • not usually removed because they are slaughtered before maturity anyway
  4. At birth where are the testicles in a foal?
  5. What is commonly mistaken for the testicles in a newborn foal when you palpate the scrotum?
    the bulb of the gubernaculum- also large in newborn foals and you cant tell apart from testicle
  6. How old is a colt when it becomes unlikely any retained testicle will decend?
    2 years- unlikely to decend after this age
  7. Horses with a retained testicle are easy or hard to manage?
    hard to manage- most common reason they are presented to you for sx
  8. How does sedation/tranquilization help diagnose a cryporchid?
    relaxes cremaster mm and helps testicle to be palpated
  9. How does using HCG helps diagnose cryporchids?
    • -after injection of HCG testosterone will increase if 1 or both testicles still present
    • -geldings will have 0 testosterone after HCG
  10. Is unilateral or bilateral retention of testicles more common?
    unilateral 13:1
  11. Which testicle is larger in the fetus prior to testicular decent? why is this important?
    • left testicle larger in fetus
    • more likely to be retained in abdomen
  12. If the right testicle is retained where is it most likely located?
    inguinal canal
  13. What are the 4 surgical approaches to retained testicles?
    • 1. inguinal
    • 2. parainguinal
    • 3. ventral midline/paramedian approaches
    • 4. flank
  14. For inguinal/parainguinal surgical approach to retained testicles what position i the horse in? and does he need GA?
    • dorsal recumbancy
    • GA needed
  15. In cryporchid castrations what testicle is removed first and why?
    • retained testicle removed first
    • b/c if you cant find it the next surgeon doesnt even know what side to look on =(
  16. I have explored the inguinal canal and didnt find the retained testicle yet- what methods can I use now?
    • 1. put tension on gubernaculum
    • 2. use sponge forceps to pick up vaginal process
    • 3. insert fingers thru broken vaginal process and feel for gubernaculum
  17. If i have to start exploring the abdomen for a retained testicle what is the best place to start?
    locate the vas deferens at the neck of the bladder and trace it to the testicle
  18. How is a retained testicle different in touch/size from a normal testicle?
    smaller and mushier
  19. What should I be sure to suture closed after i have removed the retained testicle?
    inguinal ring
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LA Sx, Q2, III
LA Sx, Q2, III