1. What does PLC stand for ?
    • Programable
    • Logic
    • Comtroller
  2. The two basic elements of a PLC include?
    Central Processing Unit

    The Input / Output system
  3. All field devices connected to a PLC can be classified as either an:
    Input or Output device.
  4. List the three-step process of monitoring and executing the PLC control program :
    • Monitor Inputs
    • Execute Program
    • Change Outputs
  5. What is the three-step process called?
  6. How shall fences be bonded when expanded?
    Bonding must be used to prevent electrical discontinuity.
  7. How shall electric supply equipment by guarded if exposed live line parts at 50 to 150 volts are within 8 feet?
    • Enclosed within fences, screens, partitions, or walls as to minimize the possibility that unqualified persons will enter.
    • Signs warning unqualified to KEEP OUT displayed at entrances.
  8. Under what conditions must these rooms be locked ?
    When not under the observation of an Attendant.
  9. When guards are removed from energized equipment, what must be done........................?
    Barriers shall be installed.
  10. What shall each employee, other than regulars, do upon entering an attended substation?
    Employee shall report his or her presence to the employee in charge, in order to receive information on special conditions affecting employee safty.
  11. In Power Plants, sufficient access and working space shall be provided and maintained about electrical equipment to permit what?
    Ready and safe operation and maintenance of such equipment.
  12. In Power Plants with electrical equipment, shall have what displayed at the entrances?
    Signs warning unqualified persons to keep out.
  13. What insulation is required of hydraulic fluids used for insulating sections of equipment.
    Insulation for the voltage involved.
  14. The dissipation of voltage from a grounding electrode is called what?
    Ground Potential Gradient
  15. When may an interlock or other safety device be modified ?
    To test, repair, or adjustment of the device.
  16. Before units are handled, how shall series-parallel capacitor banks be short circuited ?
    Between all terminals and the capacitor case or its rack.
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