Micro Ch 17, 18, 21, 22

  1. What's a stromatolite?
    bacterial communities which form a sort of mat.  Provide fossil evidence as middle is dead, ancient bacteria.
  2. What is a clade?
    A branch (group) of related organisms
  3. What is a phylogeny?
    full description of branching divergence of a species
  4. What are the three domains?
    Bacteria, Archae, and Eukarya 
  5. What is horizontal gene transfer?
    aquisition of a piece of DNA from another cell. Quicker transfer method than vertical (inheritance) 
  6. What are the two major groups of gram positive bacteria, and which is responsible for most of our anibiotics?
    • Actinobacteria (responsible for antibiotics, create toxins to limit competition in soil)
    • Firmicutes
  7. Proteobacteria are
    gram negative
  8. What are "enteric bacteria"?
    • they are proteobacteria, and more specifically, gamma. 
    • gram negative (like all proteobacteria)
  9. What is BOD?
    • biochemical oxygen demand
    • lack of oxygen that causes a massive die-off
  10. What are the 4 steps of waste water treatment?
    • Preliminary treatment (solid debris)
    • Primary treatment (sedimentation tanks for insoluble particles)
    • Secondary treatment (mircrobial decomp of organic content)
    • Tertiary treatment (chlorination/chemical application)
  11. What are the three sides of the nitrogen triangle?
    • Dentrification (from nitrate/nitrite to N2)
    • Fixation (N2 to ammonia/ammonium)
    • Nitrification (ammonia/ammonium to nitrate/nitrite)
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