Micro Ch 14

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  1. Proton motive force
    • generated by ETC
    • chemical energy across cellular membrane
    • H+ ions
  2. Goal of ETC?
    to create a proton motive force to allow for oxidative phosphorylation 
  3. What is needed for the Electron Transport System?
    • A reduced electron donor to begin with (generally NADH)
    • an oxidized electron acceptor to end with
  4. Respiration
    organic electron donors involved
  5. lithotrophy
    inorganic electron donors used to START reaction
  6. What is aerobic respiration?
    respiration with oxygen as a final electron acceptor (makes water)
  7. In respiration, NADH donates ____ and iron centers accept ____?
    • NADH donates: electrons
    • Iron centers accept: protons/electrons
  8. F1F0 ATP synthase
    • F0 is embedded in the membrane; pumps protons
    • F1 protrudes into cytoplasm; generates ATP
  9. In photorespiration, what occurs in place of glycolosis?
    Photolysis. Then electron carriers (NADPH) are transfered to ETC (same as anything else) for oxidative phosphorylation.
  10. What is an antenna complex?
    Groups of chlorophyll arranged like a satellite dish to harness/absorb light. 
  11. What is a phototrophic reaction center?
    the protein complex in which chlorophyll photoexcitation connects to the ETC
  12. Thylakoids
    • stacks inside of chlorophyll
    • photolysis centers located in thylakoid membrane
  13. What is the basic design of photolysis?
    • Antenna system
    • reaction center complex
    • ETC
    • energy carriers
  14. Photosystem I
    • found in "green sulfur" bacteria
    • organic electron donor
    • NAD or NADP reduced
  15. Photosystem II
    • found in "purple non-sulphur" bacteria
    • sperates elctron from bacetriochlorophyll; eventually, an electron is give back.
    • CYCLIC photophosphorylation¬†
  16. Oxygenic Z pathway; what is produced for every 2 H2O?
    • found in cyanobacteria and cholorplasts
    • 3 ATP, 2 NADPH, O2
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