Water Monitoring

  1. it is the amount of suspended particles in the water (FTU)
  2. why will turbid water cause less photosynthesis in the waterway?
    the more turbid water there is, the less photosynthesis there is in the waterway because it blocks sunlight
  3. the amount of salt is in the water
  4. example of area with high salinity and low salinity
    • ocean - high salinity
    • river -low salinity
  5. used as a indicator species to detect cont. water supplies b/c it's found in human/animal feces
    E. Coli Bacteria
  6. -it is a method used by scientists instead of testing for all types of bacteria
    total coliform
  7. what is the EPA requirement for total coliform?
    one colony of bacteria per 100 mL is unsafe to drinkĀ 
  8. -oxygen in water
    dissolved oxygen
  9. what is a healthy level for DO?
    DO > 8 ppm
  10. what is considered oxygen poor water?
    DO < 2 ppm, only supports detritivores
  11. how is oxygen placed in the water? removed?
    • respiration - removed
    • photosynthesis - placed
  12. organisms that eat dead organic matter (dead leaves, algae, etc)
    examples of these organisms?
    • detritivores!
    • land: termites, fungus
    • water: shrimp (turds of the ocean), worms, snails(dead stuff at bottom)
  13. -demand for oxygen that detritivores place on system
    biological oxygen demand
  14. how are nitrates added into a waterway?
    nitrates are added into a waterway through fertilizer and manure runoff
  15. High nitrates in ground water result in decreased oxygen carrying capactiy of hemoglobin in babies and may result in death
    blue baby syndrome
  16. controlling eutrophication
    • -use phosphate free detergents
    • -wash your car at a car wash, not on curb. car washes required to recyle water and wasterwater undergoes treatment
  17. steps of eutrophication
    • 1. nutrients (NO3 and PO4) are added to water
    • 2. increase in nutrients cause an algae bloom
    • 3. as bloom progresses, algae begins to die
    • 4. organic material accumulates on bottom of lake
    • 5. material supports a boom in detritivore populations
    • 6. detritivores rapidly rob lake/river of its oxygen, suffocating most orgs (like fish)
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