CSIS Exam Practice Questions

  1. One file storage metaphor that is based on a hierarchical diagram is sometimes referred to as a ____ structure.
  2. The most obvious responsibility of your computer’s operating system is to
    provide an environment for running software
  3. ____ is based on a system of “cards” that represents applications in a multitasking environmen
    Palm WebOS
  4. A(n) ____ backup makes a copy of only those files that were added or changed since your last backup.
  5. A(n) ____ backup contains any files that have changed since the last full backup.
  6. c:\music\reggae\marleyonelove.mp3
    In the accompanying figure, mp3 is an example of a
    file extension
  7. An extension of .wav designates a ____ type of file.
  8. The strengths of Microsoft Windows include all of the following EXCEPT
  9. Microsoft Windows is installed on more than ____ of the world’s personal computers.
  10. Using Microsoft Windows products, like the one in the accompanying figure, to select files and folders which are listed consecutively
    click on the first and last file while holding down the Shift key
  11. In the accompanying figure, the Computer is an example of a(n
  12. A file ____, in the context of Windows, is a piece of information that describes a file
  13.  Activities associated with resource management include all of the following EXCEPT
    installing new memory
  14. The file system used by Mac OS is
  15. An extension of .ocx designates a ____ type of file
  16. A device used for backup, that is convenient and durable but expensive in high-capacity models, is a(n)
    USB flash drive
  17. c:\music\reggae\marleyonelove.mp3
    In the accompanying figure, Music is an example of a
    primary folder
  18. For backup purposes, a fast, limited capacity device that can be locked in a secure location is a(n)
    removable hard disk
  19. Using Microsoft Windows products, like the one in the accompanying figure, to select files and folders which are not listed consecutively
    click on each file while holding down the Ctrl key
  20. Files stored in noncontiguous clusters are
  21. File endings with .exe are ____ files.
  22. In the accompanying figure, the word "Calculator" appears in
    the Start menu
  23. The file system used by Windows Vista is
  24. A device used for backup, whose capacity depends on the space allocated to each user and is fast and convenient, is a(n) 
    network server
  25. Microsoft offers different desktop editions of its Microsoft Windows for various markets; these editions include all of the following EXCEPT _
  26. In the accompanying figure, Reggae is an example of a _
    secondary folder
  27. File management capabilities available from application software include ____ files.
    all of the above
  28.  The first versions of Windows were referred to as operating environments rather than operating systems because
      they required DOS to supply the operating system kernel
  29. All of the following are examples of resources EXCEPT
    a file
  30. Current versions of Windows support file names up to ____ characters long
  31. In the Mac OS, the resource ____ stores information about the data
  32. In the Mac OS, the data ____ contains data or the commands for a program
  33. A(n) ____ backup includes every file from the computer’s primary storage device
    full system
  34. the term ____ is a technical term for the region of memory that holds data waiting to be transferred from one device to another
  35. A description of what actually happens on the disk and in the circuits is represented by a
    physical storage model
  36. for backup purposes, a fast, inexpensive, and convenient device that, if damaged, all backups will be lost is a(n
    external hard disk
  37. to delete data from a disk in such a way that no one can ever read it, you should
    use special file shredder software
  38. A(n) ____ disk is a bootable CD, DVD, or other media that contains a complete copy of your computer’s hard disk as it existed when shipped from the manufacturer
  39. A ____ displays the options associated with a command
      dialog box
  40.  was developed by a Finnish student. It continues to gain popularity as an operating system for personal computers. It is distributed under the terms of a GP
  41.  A ____ is an additional set of commands that the computer displays after you make a selection from the main menu
  42. __ provides process and memory management services that allow two or more tasks, jobs, or programs to run simultaneously
  43. Utilities, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, often use some sort of storage metaphor to help you visualize and mentally organize the files on your disks. The metaphors are called ____ storage models
  44. A disk ____ is a bit-by-bit copy of the data from all sectors of a disk
  45. An operating system’s ____ capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units
  46. Files maintained by the Macintosh operating system can have two parts, called
  47. n extension of .sys designates a ____ type of file
  48. Weaknesses of Mac OS include
    limited applications
  49. In the accompanying figure, the Notification area appears in the
  50. In the accompanying figure, Marley One Love is an example of a
    file name
  51. The accompanying figure is an example of a(n) ____ tool
    file management
  52. Most personal computers today are sold with preinstalled operating systems, including all of the following EXCEPT
  53. A program called ____ is an example of Windows software
    Microsoft Word for Windows
  54. An optional file identifier that is separated from a main file name by a period is a
  55. The strengths of Mac OS include
  56. _ is the process of creating a CD, DVD, or BD by selecting all the files and then copying them in a single session
    Disc mastering
  57. The file system used by Windows 7 is
  58. In the accompanying figure, C: is an example of a(n)
  59. Information kept about a file includes
  60. In relation to disks, ____ is a recording technology that lets you record in multiple sessions
    packet writing
  61. The difference between the Save and the Save As commands is that 
    all of the above
  62. A computer file’s location is defined by a
    file specification
  63. VMWare and Parallels Desktop software are examples of
    virtual machine software
  64.  OS is a popular handheld operating system used on Ericsson and Nokia smart phones
  65.  Most hard disks are formatted by the
  66. A group of sectors is called a _
  67. The operating system that was developed in 1969 by AT&T’s Bell Labs and gained a good reputation for its dependability is
  68. Within a single program, ____ allows multiple parts to run simultaneously
  69. Two devices on a network might have to negotiate their communications protocols through a process called
  70. Which of the following is NOT a type of network device
  71. Today, most networks, like the one in the accompanying figure, are configured with ____ technology
  72. A ____ is a generic term for any device or software code used to join two networks
  73. The most popular wireless LAN technology is
  74. Dial-up Internet access is an example of a(n) ____ communications system
  75. software may be used by personal computer users when they want to encrypt e-mail or other documents
  76. Computers may break a code by using a(n) ____, which consists of trying all possible keys
    brute force attack
  77. Wi-Fi encompasses all of the following standards EXCEPT
  78.  encryption uses one key to encrypt a message but another key to decrypt the message
    Public key
  79. _ transforms a message in such a way that its contents are hidden from unauthorized readers
  80. A message that has not been encrypted is referred to as _
  81. With PGP, to whom do you send the private key?
  82. High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as
  83. A Wi-Fi network transmits data as radio waves over ____ frequencies.
    2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz
  84. The original Ethernet standard carried data over a coaxial cable bus topology at ___
    10 Mbps
  85. Most wired networks in homes, schools, and businesses use Ethernet technology that is defined by ____ standards
    IEEE 802.3
  86. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a wired network
    limited mobility
  87. On an Ethernet, a ____ is broadcast to every device but is accepted only by the device to which it is addressed
  88. Which of the following is NOT true about the speed of Ethernet routers
    If you have a 10/100 Mbps router and several of the network computers have Gigabit Ethernet adapters, the Gigabit adapters will receive data at the Gigabit rate.
  89. Most wireless networks transport data as ____ signals
    RF (radio frequency)
  90. A printer with built-in networking does not have to be attached to a workstation or a print server because it has its own 
    network adapter
  91. The type of network shown in the accompanying figure is known as a
  92.  is a crucial technology for e-commerce and e-mail.
    Public key encryption
  93. On Macs, you can view the number of packets sent, received, and dropped from your network connection using the ____ application.
    Network Utility
  94. To configure a file server, open a browser from any workstation, enter the file server’s ____ address, and provide the administrator ID and password
  95.  The telephone network uses a technology called ____, which establishes a dedicated, private link between telephones for the duration of a call.
    circuit switching
  96. Current Ethernet standards allow extensive flexibility in network ____ to meet the needs of small and large installationS
  97.  An encrypted message is referred to as 
  98.  Which of the following is NOT true about Wi-Fi standards
    All of the standards are cross compatible.
  99. A wired network is one that uses ____ to connect network devices
  100. To set up a print server, connect it to the printer’s ____ port and access the configuration settings using your browser
  101.  A ____ is a physical path or a frequency used for signal transmission
    communications channel
  102. A network ____ sends data only to the devices specified as the destination
  103. The process of converting ciphertext into plaintext is called _
  104. Ethernet networks ____.
    use a nonproprietary technology, making Ethernet equipment available from a variety of vendors
  105. ____, also referred to as personal mode, is a type of WPA used on most home networks.
  106.  In ____ key encryption, the key used to encrypt a message is also used to decrypt the message
  107. _ takes care of situations in which two network devices attempt to transmit packets at the same time
  108.  In a ____ topology, network nodes are connected in a closed circle
  109.  Which of the following is NOT true?
    LANs are less vulnerable than standalone computers to malicious code.
  110. Which of the following is true about Bluetooth?
    It forms networks automatically when two or more devices are within range.
  111. In the technology referred to as ____, a message is divided into several parcels that can be routed independently to their destination.
    packet switching
  112. Wireless ____ scrambles the data transmitted between wireless devices and then unscrambles the data only on devices that have a valid key.
  113. In a peer-to-peer mode, a network ____.
    allows workstations to share resources, like files and applications
  114.  The physical arrangement of devices in a network is referred to as its physical 
  115. (n) ____ server stores files and supplies them to workstations upon request.
  116. A ____ server is a computer whose primary purpose is to be a repository for files that can be accessed by network workstations.
  117. A network, like the one in the accompanying figure, would be used to __
    connect personal computers within a very limited geographical area, such as a single building
  118. If Windows displays the ____ icon and indicates the network is connected, it is ready for use
    Local Area Connection
  119. In a wireless ____ network, devices broadcast directly to each other.
  120. Symptoms of network problems include which of the following?
    all of the above
  121. A(n) ____ is the basis for scrambling and unscrambling the data transmitted between wireless devices.
    wireless network key
  122. What is the IEEE designation for the Gigabit Ethernet standard?
    IEEE 802.3z
  123. Which of the following can serve as a node on the network in a LAN?
    all of the above
  124. Which of the following does NOT impact signal strength on a wireless network?
  125. ___ technology improves the speed and range of a LAN by using two or more antennae to essentially send multiple sets of signals between network devices.
  126. In the accompanying figure, which physical topology is NOT represented
  127. In ____ mode, workstations can share responsibility for processing, storage, printing, and communications taskS
  128. A tree topology __
    consists of multiple star networks connected into a bus configuration by a backbone
  129.  The original wireless encryption was called 
  130.  ____ is a word, number, or phrase that must be known to encrypt or decrypt a message
    cryptographic key
  131.  A protocol known as ____ is designed to automatically distribute IP addresses
  132.  Wireless signal range can be limited by 
    all of the above
  133. A ____ topology features a central connection point for all workstations and peripherals
  134.  A ____ is a procedure for encrypting or decrypting a message
    cryptographic algorithm
  135. ____ occurs when hackers intercept signals by cruising through a business district or neighborhood with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook computer
    LAN jacking
  136.  Which of the following is NOT true?
    Purchasing a single software copy for an entire LAN is always allowed under the terms of a single-user license agreement.
  137. In the accompanying figure, the item marked B is a(n)
  138. An example of mathematical modeling software is _
  139. When installing software, you should _
    select custom when you don’t need all the features
  140. in the accompanying figure, the file marked A is a(n)
    data file
  141. __ is typically available as a trial version.
  142. Software designed to generate unique musical compositions simply by selecting the musical style, instrument, key, and tempo is
    computer-aided music
  143. When using word processing software to analyze the reading level of your document, you should use a
    Readability formula
  144. A service pack ____
    provides updates to the operating system
  145. All of the following are examples of utility software EXCEPT
  146. A security suite will typically include all of the following EXCEPT ____software
  147.  is typically commercial software that is marketed under a try-before-you buy policy.
  148. Popular presentation software products include all of the following EXCEPT
    Movie Maker
  149. System software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks
  150. It is illegal to do all the following with software EXCEPT
    copy and keep as backup
  151. Adobe Reader works with files stored in standard ____ formaT
  152.  Security suites can be __
      all of the above
  153. A virus signature is a ____.
    unique series of instructions
  154. To get rid of software you no longer want, you __
    run an uninstall routine
  155. Spreadsheets are particularly useful for
    what-if analysis
  156. Downloadable software can be provided in different formats, such as
    all of the above
  157. You can use the results from a search on a database in all of these ways EXCEPT to
    create records
  158. An example of software most commonly associated with productivity software is
    word processing software
  159. Data files supplied with a software package support ____ file extensions
  160. is typically sold in a store or online
    is typically sold in a store or online
  161. Software requires many files because ____
    it allows flexibility and efficiency
  162. If you are installing a local application from a distribution CD, and it does not automatically run, you should ___
    look for a file called setup.exe
  163. Web applications are ___
    accessed and run on the Web
  164. In the accompanying figure, the index card represents a single database
  165. In the accompanying figure, the item marked C is a(n)
  166. The paragraph style that is used to assure paragraphs are aligned evenly on both the right and left is
    fully justified
  167. The type of software that targets musicians and music students who want to develop musical skills is
    ear training
  168. To find a particular record or group of records in a database, you use a(n) _
  169. A ____ is any software that can automate a task or autonomously execute a task when commanded to do so
  170. IN the accompanying figure, the files marked C is a(n)
    support program file
  171. Software considered to be utility software is _
    setup wizard
  172. In the accompanying figure, the file marked B is aN
    executable file
  173. Support programs have a(n) ____ extension.
  174. In the accompanying figure, the item marked B represents

    a record
  175. A shrink-wrap license goes into effect as soon as you __
    open it
  176. The term rootkit refers to __
    software tools used to conceal malware and backdoors
  177. In the accompanying figure, the item marked A is a
      active cell
  178. In order for software to work on a given computer, it must meet
    system requirements
  179. In the accompanying figure, the items marked C represent

  180. Productivity software that has sophisticated features to help you produce professional-quality output is considered ____ software.
    desktop publishing
  181. A formula can contain ____ and mathematical operators.
    cell references
  182. During product activation, you must __
    enter a product key
  183. ___ is a type of application software designed to help several people collaborate.
  184. You can purchase software at a variety of locations, such as __
    all of the above
  185. If virus protection software identifies a virus, it can try to take all of the following actions except
    highlight the file in Windows Explorer
  186. An end-user license agreement, like the one in the accompanying figure, is
    displayed on-screen when you first install software
  187. An example of a system requirement that is important in determining if a software program will work on a computer is _
    all of the above
  188. Productivity software that provides you with the ability to create, spell-check, edit, and format is considered ____ software.
    word processing
  189. To avoid security threats, a user can ___
    avoid opening suspicious email attachments
  190. The type of system software designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment is ____ software.
  191. As shown in the accompanying figure, a ____ is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you may use a computer program.
    software license
  192. Product validation can create a(n) ____ based on your validation code and your computer’s internal serial number.
    hash value
  193. Application software includes ___
    statistical software
  194.  Application software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks.
  195. _ applications are software that is designed to reside on a computer’s hard disk.
  196. Indicators of pirated software include all of the following EXCEPT software that ____
    is downloaded
  197. may be sold or distributed free of charge in compiled form but must always include the source code.
    Open source software
  198. In the accompanying figure, the item marked A represents __

  199. The intersection of a column and a row on a spreadsheet is called a
  200.  Software that is the musician’s equivalent to a word processor is
  201. Desktop widgets include all of the following EXCEPT __
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