Science Chap. 4

  1. Zoos practice _______________ _______________ to prevent endangered species, like the panda, from becoming extinct.
    Captive Breeding
  2. Protecting and restoring species and resources is called ___________________.
  3. An oxpecker eating insects off a zebra is an example of ______________________.
  4. The living and nonliving things that surround an organism provide it with the _________________ it needs to survive.
  5. Cutting down too many trees results in ___________________________.
  6. A tapeworm lives in the stomach of its _____________________.
  7. Illegally killing an animal is called __________________________.
  8. The introduction of a ________________ ____________________ usually disrupts the balance of the ecosystem and may endanger the native species.
    Foreign species
  9. Each organism is part of a habitat where its _____________ are met.
  10. The release of harmful chemicals into our soil, air, or water is called _______________________.
  11. A _____________ ______________ shows the feeding relationships and the competition for resources among organisms in an ecosystem.
    food web
  12. Neither camouflage nor mimicry is considered a ________________________ because they are not behaviors.
  13. Each organism fills a role or __________________ in its habitat.
  14. _________________________ are transferred and circulated through cycles.
  15. Energy from the sun, in the form of sunlight, is transferred to organisms by __________ _______________.
    energy flow
  16. Carbon and water are transferred through ________________ ___________________.
    Natural cycles
  17. Name the three requirements of a system:
    • A group of parts that
    • work together to
    • perform a task
  18. An organism's needs are met by two types of resources.  They are:
    living and nonliving
  19. Explain how competition occurs in nature between a deer and a rabbit.
    A deer and a rabbit would be in competition for the same kinds of food like berries, leaves, etc.
  20. How does an oxpecker and a zebra have a relationship that shows symbiosis.
    Oxpeckers eat annoying insects off of a zebras back.
  21. How does a decomposer help an ecosystem?
    Decomposers get rid of dead things and release carbon dioxide back into the air.
  22. When a factory spills oil into the ocean it is called _____________ _______________.
    water pollution
  23. Skimming the water or washing plants and animals are ways to clean up after a ________ _______.
    oil spill
  24. When an oil spill happens, the oil company should have to pay for what?
    cleaning up the oil spill
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