Chapter 17

  1. California Gold Rush
    Gold was discovered in high quantities in California in 1848, which led hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to move to California to find Gold
  2. Manifest Destiny
    Americans believe that it was their "right"/destiny to expand all the way westward
  3. American Civil War
    The debate over whether slavery should be illegal temporarily divided the north and the south of the US into two, and the Northerners, led by Abraham Lincoln, won the war to abolish slavery
  4. Otto von Bismarck
    conservative leader of prussia who seeked to unify areas like Germany, Denmark, Austria by militia in order to be more compettive economically with Britain and the US
  5. Charles Darwin
    went on a 4 year expedition to the Galapagos and wrote "Origin of Species" which contains many scientific finding, including the theory of evolution
  6. Suez canal
    shortened ship voyages betweeen Europe and Asia and lowered cost of interregional trade
  7. great Trek
    a migration away from British role by the Boers which helped establish Boer republics later on
  8. Cecil Rhodes
    british colonist in South Africa who created the colony of Rhodesia
  9. Menelik II of Ethiopia
    Knew how to play European rivals against each other to get weapons which helped him rebel against the Italians Disliked by british but celebrated in ethiopia
  10. Colonia Divisions in Africa
    • French: W Africa and MAdagascar
    • British: Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Southern parts of Africa (but not south africa)
    • Belgian: the Congo
  11. Japan's Meiji Period
    • led Meiji Emperor Mutsuhito, effort to make japan seem less like an old dynasty and more modern
    • Created schools, single army, intense propaganda to make Japan seem unified and superior
  12. Russian Expansion
    wanted to expand west and south so they invaded ottoman territories
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