3.1.3 Feelings, what friends do

  1. animarse
    to get encouraged, interested
  2. dedicarse a
    to apply yourself to something
  3. desanimarse
    to get discouraged
  4. entusiasmarse
    to get excited
  5. oponerse a
    to oppose
  6. ponerse nervioso(a)
    to get nervous
  7. sentirse (ie) frustrado(a)
    to feel frustrated
  8. apoyarse
    to support each other
  9. ayudarse
    to help each other
  10. conocerse bien
    to know each other well
  11. contarse (ue) chismes
    to tell each other gossip
  12. contarse (ue) secretos
    to tell each other secrets
  13. llevarse bien/mal con
    to get along well/badly (with)
  14. odiarse
    to hate each other
  15. pelearse/ no pelearse frecuentemente
    to fight/ not to fight often
  16. perdonarse
    to forgive each other
  17. quejarse
    to complain
  18. saludarse
    to greet, to say hello to each other
  19. telefonearse
    to phone each other
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3.1.3 Feelings, what friends do
Spanish 3 Unit 1 Lesson 3 Express feelings/ Say what friends do