English Sink or Swim Vocab

  1. aquamarine
    a blue-green color
  2. aquatic
    in water or of water
  3. aqueduct
    a structure built to hold flowing water
  4. aquifer
    a geographic layer or rock or sand that holds water underground
  5. subaqueous
  6. affluence
    wealth (flowing with money)
  7. confluence
    the place where two or more rivers flow together
  8. fluidity
    the state of being liquid
  9. influx
    an outpouring; a sudden, big arrival
  10. hydraulic
    powered by or using water pressure
  11. hydrophobia
    fear of water; rabies (a disease in which animals avoid drinking water
  12. hydroplane
    to skim over the top of the water
  13. hydrotherapy
    rehabilitative treatment using water
  14. marina
    a dock (often accompanied by shops related to boating)
  15. marinade
    a soaking liquid for flavoring and tenderizing meat
  16. marine biology
    the study of plants and animals in the ocean
  17. mariner
    a sailor
  18. maritime
    along the seacoast; bordering on the sea; dealing with sea-related topics
  19. submariner
    a crew member of an underwater ship
  20. circumnavigate
    to sail completely around something
  21. nautical, naval
    related to ships or shipping
  22. nausea
    an upset-stomach feeling (like seasickness)
  23. chambered nautilus
    a spiral seashell or the creature that creates it
  24. navigable
    deep and wide enough for ships to pass
  25. navigate
    to steer or find one's way
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