Module 4

  1. The Educational programs available for nurses include?
    Practical/vocational nurse, registered nursing, graduate nursing, contimuing education, and in-service.
  2. The three major educational routes that lead to RN licensure?
    Diploma, associate degree, and baccalaureate programs
  3. The term _______ _______ refers to formalized experience designed to enlarge the knowledge or skills of practitioners.
    continuing education
  4. An __-_____ _____ program is administered by an employer; it is designed to upgrade the knowledge or skills of employees.
    in-service education
  5. What is Quantitative research?
    Often viewed as "hard" science and uses deductive reasoning and the measurable attributes of human experience.
  6. What is Qualitative research?
    often associated with naturalistic inquiry, which explores the subjective and complex experiences of human beings.
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Module 4
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