OLS 252 Chptr 2

  1. personality
    the individual, distinctive qualities responsible for on'e identity
  2. Type A personality
    always going, trying to do things faster/better
  3. Type B personality
    are more laid back, relaxed
  4. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI)
    Introverted/Extroverted. Sensing/Intuitive. Thinking/Feeling. Perceiving/Judging.
  5. ability
    the capacity to do something, doesn't mean you do it
  6. intellectual and physical ability
    • intellectual: cognitive capacity
    • physical: physical traits
  7. Learning
    any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience
  8. classical conditioning
    (Pavlov) Passive learning where person responds to certain stimulus, even though normally there would be no response to that stimulus
  9. operant conditioning
    (Skinner) active learning where a person is reward for a behavior
  10. social learning
    learning through experience
  11. bodily-kinesthetic
    active learners
  12. visual-spatial
    remember what they see
  13. verbal-linguistic
    remember much of what they hear and more what they hear and then say out loud
  14. logical-mathematical
    reflect on concepts
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OLS 252 Chptr 2
Personality, Ability, and Learning