Module 4

  1. What was some of Florence Nightingale's contributions to nursing?
    • Improving the standards for the care of war casualties
    • Was the first nurse to exert political pressure on government
    • She is also recognixed as nursing's first scientist-theorist for her work¬†Notes on Nursing: What it is, and What is is not.
    • Her vision of nursing, which included public health and health promotion roles for nurses, was only partially addressed in the early days of nursing.
    • Defined nursing as "the act of utilizing the environment of the partient to assist him in his recovery." Considered a clean, well-ventilated, and quiet environment essential for recovery.¬†
  2. A _____ is an individual, a group of people, or a community that uses a service or commodity.
  3. A _____ is a person who is waiting for or undergoing medical treatment and care.
  4. A _____ is a person who engages the advice or services of another who is qualified to provide this sevice.
  5. Nursing practice invloves what four areas?
    Promoting healthe and wellness, preventing illness, restoring health, and caring for the dying.
  6. What is the Nurse Practice Acts?
    • Regulate the practice of nursing in the United States and Canada.
    • Each state in the United States and each province in Canada has its own act.
    • All have a common purpose: to protect the public.
    • Nurses are resopnsible for knowing their state's nurse practice act as it governs their practice.
  7. Name the roles and functions of a nurse?
    • Caregiver: activities that assist the client physically and psychologically while preserving the client's dignity.
    • Communicator: integral to all nursing roles. Nurses identify client problems and then communicate these verbally or in writing to other members of the health team.
    • Teacher: nurse helps clients learn about their health and the health care procedures they need to perform to restore or maintain their health.
    • Client Advocate: acts to protect the client. Nurse may represent the client's needs and wishes to other health professionals/
    • Counselor: The process of helping a client to recognixe and cope with stressful psychologic or social problems, to develop inproved interpersonal relationships, and to promote personal growth.
    • Change Agent: assisting clients to make modifications in their behavior.
    • Leader: influences others to work together to accomplish a specific goal.
    • Manager: manages the nursing care of individuals, families, and communities.
    • Case Manager: work with the multidisciplinary health care team to measure the effectiveness of the case management plan and to monitor outcomes.
  8. What is the American Nurses Association?
    • A national professional organization for nursing in the United States.
    • Purposes of the ANA are to foster high standards of nursing practice and to promote the educational and professional advancement of nurses so that all people may have better nursing care.
  9. What is the National League for Nursing?
    • Its an organization of both individuals and agencies.
    • Objective is to foster the development andimprovementof all nursing services and nursing education.
  10. What is the National Student Nurses' Association?
    Its the official preprofessional organization for nursing students.
  11. Health promotion is best represented by which of the following activities?
    1. Administering immunizations
    2. Giving a bath
    3. Preventing accidents in the home
    4. Performing diagnoostic procedures
    3. Preventing accidents in the home
  12. A nurse with 2 to 3 years of experience who has the ability to coordinate multiple complex nursing care demands is at which stage of Benner's states of nursing expertise?
    1. Advanced beginner
    2. Competent
    3. Proficient
    4. Expert
    2. Competent
  13. Which of the following social forces is most likely to significantly impact the future supply and demands for nurses?
    1. Aging
    2. Economics
    3. Science/technology
    4. Telecommunication
    1. Aging
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