Test 2 Micro

  1. Streptococci are
    Gram-P or Gram-N?
    What differentiates them from Staph?
    • Gram-P
    • Catalase-Negative (Staph is catalase positive
  2. Immunological assays that detect C substance (cell wall carb).

    Used to tell what?
    • Lancefield Typing
    • Tell apart types of Strep
  3. What two types of Strep have no lancefield group?
    S. pneumoniae and S. viridans
  4. What type of strep causes petechiae in the back of the throat?
    Strep. pyogenes
  5. Strep. pyogenes (GAS)
  6. What type of capsule does S. pyogenes have?
    Hyaluronic acid capsule
  7. Major virulence factor of Strep. pyogenes?
    M protein
  8. What are the four immunologically distinct EXOtoxins produced by Strep pyogenes?
    • SpeA, SpeB, SpeC, and SpeF
    • Produced by lysogenic strains
  9. What organism do you do a RADT throat swab for?
    S. pyogenes
  10. Nonsuppurative diseases of S. pyogenes?
    • Rheumatic fever (ARF)
    • Acute glomerulonephritis
  11. How do you treat S. pyogenes?
  12. S. pyogenes vaccine consists of?
    M protein, peptides from disease associated strains
  13. Group B Strep
    S. agalactiae (indistinguishable from GABHS by Gram stain)
  14. Which form of Strep colonizes the upper respiratory tract and genitourinary tract?
    S. agalactiae (Group B Strep)
  15. Common cause of UTI in pregnant women?
    S. agalactiae
  16. cAMP test is good for?
    Strep agalactiae because it grows near the center streak
  17. Which Streps are alpha hemolytic?
    Strep viridans, Pneumococcus
  18. Lancet-shaped strep
  19. Most important type of immunity in S. pneumoniae infection?
    Innate immunity (because acquired immunity is type specific and there are a lot of types)
  20. Which strep is optochin sensitive?
  21. Vaccines that treat Pneumococcus.
    • 23-valent vaccine
    • 13-valent conjugate vaccine
  22. 23-Valent Vaccine treats:
    • >65 years of age
    • HIV positive
    • Asplenic
  23. Enterococcus (Former Group D Streptococcus)
    Normal enteric flora of human and animals (E. faecalis and E. faecium)
  24. Which Strep has a + Bile Esculin test?
    Enterococcus (E. faecalis)
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