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  1. What does “Hellenistic” mean?
    of greek, from greek culture
  2. What did government look like in the Greek Empire during the
    Hellenistic age?
    athenian democracy
  3. What was stoicism all about
    philosphy of cicero *
  4. The Language of the ancient Romans
  5. The meaning of “res publica’
    for the people/common wealth/public affair
  6. What does “Veni Vidi Vici” mean?
    I came, I saw, I conquered -julius ceaser
  7. Who was Brutus?
    optimate, senate member ,ceaser assasign 
  8. What did optimates, like Cicero, stand for?
    polotices ,senatorial,principles
  9. What did populares politicians do?
    whatever popular at time
  10. Roman republic
  11. How did Julius Caesar come to power?
    marched on rome across "rubicon" and he won
  12. Who was the first Roman emperor/princeps?
     Caesar Augustus
  13. Who was in the second triumvirate and what did they
    octavius , marc antony, marcus lepidus

    • killed Ceasers assasins 
    • ruled senate
  14. Roman Slavery
    • jobs:farmers,doctors ,lawyers,bureaucrats,..ectc
    • come from captured territories  
    • many of 1000's of slaves for cheap rates
  15. When did Christianity become the official religion of the
    4th century by Roman Emperor Constantine
  16. What happened to literacy, commerce, and large cities after
    the collapse of Roman rule?
    they  all declined  man is humbled, and larges & urbanization dwindle.
  17. What happened to the power of the church after the collapse
    of Roman rule?
    stepped up gained more power over  politics, administration, education, and welfare.
  18. What did the Magna Carta accomplish?

    • influence on the developing legal system of England.
    • show that the King was bound by the law

    influenced u.s. constitution
  19. What is English common law
    are the laws made by judicial courts instead of the executive branch or legislative statutes.
  20. What does the british parliament consist of?
    house of commons and the house of lords
  21. time line
    • The Roman Republic was established in 509 BC
    • The Battle of Corinth (146 BC)
    • The political careesr of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi (123 bc)
    • The consulship of Cicero (63 bc)
    • julius ceaser killed 15 March 44 BC
    •  Octavian  assumed power asthe Emperor  Caesar Augustus of Rome in 27 BC
    • Constantine converts to Christianity 313
    • william the conquerer  invads in 1066
    • The Magna Carta is signed  June 10, 1215
    • Constantine converts to Christianity 313
    • The printing press is invented 1440
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