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  1. Dr. ruth purtilo
    an authority on ethics in medicine

    she presents three general elements of ethics: duties , rights , and character traits
  2. types of ethical problems
    • ethical distress
    • ethical dilemmas
    • dilemmas of justice
    • locus of authority issues
  3. ethical distress
    a problem in which a certain course of action is indicated but some type of hindrance or barrier preventss that action

    example: a professional knows the right thing to do but for some reason cannot do it

    I know which course of action I ( the agent) should take for the patients benefit but there is a structural barrier to my bein able to do it.

    • A= agent
    • C= course of action
    • O= outcome
  4. ethical dilemma
    a situation in which an individual is faced with two or more acceptable or correct choices , but doing one precludes another.

    being caught between a rock and a hard place
  5. dilemma of justice
    fair distribution of benefits to those who are entitled to them. choices must be made regarding who receives these benefits and in what proportion

    examples: organ donations and distribution of scarce or costly medications
  6. locus of authority
    two or more authority figures have their own ideas about how a situation should be handled but only one of those authorites can prevail
  7. five-step process for ethical decision making
    • gathering relevant information
    • identifying the type of ethical problem
    • determining the ethics approach to use
    • exploring the practical alternatives
    • completing the action
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chapter 6 continue
chapter 6 continue