Daniel's A+ Test Cert Milestone HARDER QUESTIONS

  1.  Which of the chipset is responsible for controlling the data flow between a PATA optical drive and the processor? 
  2. What is typically installed by connecting multiple DVI and USB cables to it?   
  3. Which monitor technology would allow a technician to set the resolution at 1920x1200?   
  4. A new security flaw and fix has been published about the iOS. What can be mitigated to prevent exploitation?   
    Patching policy
  5. A technician is installing a small office home office (SOHO) router that will be used to route traffic to a surveillance system. What will the technician need to set up in order to view the device from outside the network? 
    Port forwarding
  6. Which network type is the LEAST susceptible to EMI and RFI issues? 
  7. Parity RAM includes error checking by which method? 
    Adding an extra bit per byte of data stored
  8. If a server is in the DM, it receives Internet traffic before which network device? 
  9. What encryption type would be the MOST secure?         
    WPA2 AES
  10. Hyperthreading technology does what?
    enables a processor to work with two independent computer instructions at once.
  11. A customer has asked a technician to install a version of Windows 7 that will allow for BitLocker functionality. Which of the following editions should the technician install? 
  12. What port MUST be open to transport files across a network using FTP? 
  13. After installing a new serial port card in a computer,, the communication parameters need to be configured. Which of the following is the MOST common communication configuration for a serial port? 
    Eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit
  14. Which operating systems use the c:WINNT directory? 
    Windows 2000
  15. What would be required to setup a wireless small office home office (SOHO) network? 
    Access point
  16. What cable types supports a transmission speed no greater than 100 Mbps per the IEEE specification? 
  17.  How can a print spooler help a technician diagnose a problem?
    Shows submitted print jobs
  18. What is the default port for RDP? 
  19. A computer fails to boot into Windows XP and is displaying an “invalid boot disk’ error message on startup.  What should the technician check FIRST? 
    Verify the hard drive is selected as a boot option in BIOS setup
  20. What is needed to boot into the Recovery Console in Windows XP? 
    Original Installation CD
  21. Which wireless networking standards operates at the LOWEST data speed compared to the available wireless networking standards? 
  22. A user receives a file from a vendor. When the user tries to open the file, it contains a series of random letters, numbers, code, and opens with the wrong application. What can the user do to view this file?  
    Right click on the file and open with the correct application.
  23. A technician has recently purchased a maintenance kit to be installed in a laser printer. What will be included in the maintenance kit? 
    Pickup rollers
  24. A networking device that keeps track of which computer or device is connected to each port is a: 
  25. Which of the following is the MOST common port to configure for an external modem? 
  26. Which cable type consists of only four twisted pairs copper wires? 
  27. Which expansion cards would a technician MOST likely install to allow a user to record a television program? 
    Video Capture
  28. What supports data transfer rates at a MAXIMUM of 3Gbps? 
  29. IEEE 1394 has a maximum transfer rate of: 
    800 Mpbs
  30. What would a user MOST need for a home theater PC. 
    HDMI connection, TV tuner card
  31. Which of the following MOST likely can be installed on CNR expansion slot? 
  32. What feature would MOST commonly be configured for QoS on a small office home office (SOHO) router?
  33. A technician is installing a new small form factor motherboard. What is he most likely installing? 
    Micro ATX
  34. What video type has a DB-15 connector?  
  35. The process of voltage controls to limit the volume of liquid delivered is used in: 
    inkjet printers
  36. A user states that their laser printer keeps jamming with paper getting stuck as it feeds past the top tray. What components MOST likely needs replacing? 
    Pickup assembly
  37. A user reports that they are suddenly unable to print to a network printer. It was working fine yesterday. The tech can pint the user’s workstation and the printer. The tech can also print a test page from another workstation. What is the MOST likely cause of the problem? 
    The printer is no longer the user’s default printer
  38. A user reports that their machine will not power up. The tech has already tested the wall outlet and the power cord, which are functioning properly. What should the tech do NEXT? 
    Test the machine with a power supply tester
  39. What protocol would be used to upload files to a web server
  40. What network media types uses laser light to carry the information? 
  41. What BIOS setting MOST likely to speed up the boot process when disabled? 
    IDE Auto Detect
  42. What RAM type is used to resolve certain memory errors
  43. A company is replacing two older desktop PCs with new Windows 7 PCs. Each will have a DVD-RW drive for support use. The PCs will be used for Point of Sales (POS) transactions and everything will be password protected or disabled. What the BEST way to disable the DVD-RW drives?
    The BIOS
  44. Which ports are commonly used to send/receive email?
    110 and 25
  45. When installing a wireless keyboard and mouse, what should be installed in the laptop? 
  46. A system administrator has multiple computers, of the same makek and model that will remotely turn on using Wake-On-LAN (WOL). All but two systems wake correctly. What is the MOST likely problem with the two systems? 
    WOL is not enabled in the BIOS
  47. An IP address of would be considered part of which range? 
  48. When a user was installing a new program, the computer suddenly restarted. Now when the computer starts, it gets partially through the boot process, then reboots. Which is the QUICKEST method to get the computer running without losing any of the user’s data? 
    Boot using Last Known Good Configuration
  49. A technician is diagnosing a laser printer that is consistently having issues picking up paper from the first tray. Which item would the technician replace FIRST? 
  50. A user has a color USB printer that coworkers need to print to. What would enable the coworkers to print?
    Print server, Windows printer sharing
  51. The maximum transfer rate of eSATA is: 
    3.0 Gbps
  52. The wattage rating is determined by:
    Volts X Amps (current)
  53. What is the MAIN difference between the TIA/EIA 568-A specification and the TIA/EIA 568-B specification? 
    The placement of the orange and green wire pairs
  54. Which connectors would be used in POTS? 
  55. A technician is helping to purchase a new system to be used to roll out virtualized workstations. Which components should be chosen to BEST meet the customer’s needs?
    Maximum memory, maximum-core processor
  56. What laptop display types relies on a backlight for the display presentation? 
  57. A tech has a PC that has no Internet connection. The IP address for the PC is 169.254.XXX.XXX. What should be checked FIRST? 
    Ethernet cable
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