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  1. What is the definition of the Protection WFF?
    ...related tasks and systems that preserve the force so the commander can apply maximum combat power to accomplish the mission...
  2. What are the CAL & DAL?
    • Critical Asset List - defended from air & missile threats
    • Defended Asset List - defended by all resources
  3. What are the principles of the Protection WFF?
    • Comprehensive
    • Integratedd
    • Layered
    • Redundant
    • Enduring
  4. What tasks are associated with the Protection WFF?
    • Operational Area Security
    • Employ Safety Techniques
    • Implement OPSEC
    • Provide intelligence support of Protection
    • Implement Physical Security Procedures
    • Apply Antiterrorism Measures
    • Conduct Law & Order
    • Conduct Survivability Operations
    • Provide Force Health Protection
    • Conduct CBRN operations
    • Provide EOD
    • Coordinate Air & Missile Defense
    • Conduct Personnel Recovery
    • Conduct Internment & Resettlement
  5. What are the steps of the Protection cycle?
    Plan, Prepare, Execute, Assess
  6. What five functions can security systems provide?
    • Deterrence
    • Detection
    • Assessment
    • Delay
    • Response
  7. What task primarily provides cover, concealment & camouflage?
    Survivability Operations (may also provide shelter)
  8. What task includes WMD threat protection?
    CBRN operations
  9. What are the keys to Protection planning?
    • identifying threats and hazards
    • assessing the threats and hazards to determine the risks
    • developing preventive measures
    • integrating protection tasks into a comprehensive scheme of protection
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