OLS 252 Chptr 17

  1. What is the Job Characteristic Model?
    Model that identifies variables to evaluate a task for employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance.
  2. What are the dimensions in the Job Characteristics Model?
    Skill variety. Task identity. Task significance. Autonomy. Feedback.
  3. Task significance
    The degree to which work has a significant impact on others in the immediate organizaiton.
  4. Skill variety
    The degree to which there are a variety of skills to perform.
  5. Task identity
    The degree to which one worker can do a whole job, from beginning to end.
  6. Autonomy
    The degree to which a job offers freedom, independence.
  7. Feedback
    The degree to which a job provides direct information about the effectiveness of the employees' performance.
  8. Total Quality Management
    Process seeking continous improvement throughout the organziation, involving all employees and driven by customer satisfaction.
  9. Model for continous improvement
    Plan, Do, Check, and Act
  10. Reengineering
    Rethinking and redesinging processes to add value to the organization.
  11. Job rotation
    cross training by moving from one job to another
  12. job enlargement
    a horizontal expansion of the job
  13. job enrichment
    a vertical expansion of the job
  14. different work schedules
    flextime. shorter work week. job sharing. telecommuting.
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