Test 2 Micro: (Ppts 15-16)

  1. Name the 3 bacteria we studied that contain mycolic acids.
    • Mycobacterium (longest)
    • Nocardia
    • Cornybacterium (shortest)
  2. Mycolic Acid
    a-alkyl-B-hydroxylated fatty acids
  3. Mycobacterium:  Stain, shape
  4. What can cleave mycolic acid chans into C-22 to C-26 fatty acid methyl esters?
  5. Mycobacterium have a high content of what in their DNA?
    G-C% content
  6. Mycobacterium  growth is
  7. What drug impacts the biosynthesis of mycolic acid
  8. What drug impacts the biosynthesis of arabinogalactan?
  9. Mycobacterium tuberculosis:
    Intracellular or extracellular?
    Prevents what?
    • Intracellular in unactivated macrophages.
    • Prevents fusion of phagosome with lysosomes
  10. Pathology of tuberculosis is due to?
    CMI response (disease primarily from host response to infection rather than specific virulence factors).
  11. Natural reservoir of TB?
    Humans (1/3 of worl is infection)
  12. TB migrates to ____ lymph nodes.  Can see granulomas and _____
    • hilar lymph nodes
    • granulomas and foam cells
  13. Ghon Complex
    Lesion in lung (tubercle/small granuloma) + enlarged lymph nodes
  14. Most TB cases are restricted to the ____ in immune competent persons
  15. Tuberculin skin test is read by
    presence or absence of induration at injection site
  16. Alternative to TB skin test, based on quantificatoin of interferon-y
    Quiantiferon-TB Gold Test
  17. Acid-Fast Stain
    • Fix bacteria to microscope slide
    • Carbofuschin (w/ or w/o heat)
    • Decolarize with acid alcohol
    • Counter stain (methylene blue or brilliant green)
  18. NTM (Nontuberculous Mycobacterum)
    Swimming pool granuloma
    M. marinum
  19. Chronic infectin of skin an peripheral nerves
  20. Two types of leprosy:
    • Tuberculoid: benign, non-progressive
    • Lepromatous:  Malignant, progressive
  21. Which type of leprosy has few AFB in lesions and a positive lepromin skin test?
    Tuberculoid leprosy (strong CMI and normal Ig levels)
  22. Which type of leprosy has many AFB in skin lesions and  anegative lepromin skin test?
    Lepromatous leprosy (Deficient CMI, strong Ab response)
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