Word Smart 10

  1. Ardent
    Passionate; Enthusiastic
  2. Artifice
    Clever trick; cunning
  3. Bequest
    Something left to someone in a will
  4. Bureaucracy
    A system of government in which most of the importantdecisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives
  5. Conjure
    To summon or bring into being as if by magic
  6. Diffident
    Timid; lacking in self-confidence
  7. Extricate
    To free from difficulty
  8. Fecund
    Fertile; productive
  9. Gauche
    Unskillful; awkward; maladroit
  10. Hiatus
    A break or interruption, often from work
  11. Illicit
    Illegal; not permitted
  12. Impetuous
    Impulsive; extremely impatient
  13. Inaugurate
    To begin officially; to induct formally into office
  14. Largess
    Generous giving of gifts; generosity; philanthropy
  15. Litigate
    To try in court; to engage in legal proceedings
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