1. 5 types of prospecting
    Referals (1/3 become a client) existing client introduces you to someone else,Transfer of trust or transfer of friendship

    • Centers of Influence- people who are not clients that introduce you to others (1/10 become a client)
    •     Lead Group- Group of non-competing professionals who exchange names

    • Networking- (1-50) People who get together for a common purpose
    • Two types of people- Partiers and prospectors
    •     Characteristics:
    •     1. Once a month (Happy hours)
    •     2. Charge an annual fee or dues
    •     3. Several committees
    •     4. Different levels of membership

    • Mailings- (1/100)

    Cold Calling- Worst way to prospect- art of calling people unannounced (approx. 1/250) This does not build character Frustration, anger, rejection, denial, ACCEPTANCE OF REJECTION
  2. Tips for networking
    • -Only join organizations that you believe in     
    • -Limit number (2-3)   
    • -Don’t skip meetings- you need to get yourself known    -Join the committees especially the membership committee    -Join at the highest level   
    • -Be patient- it might take 2 years   
    • -Make 1 new friend at each meeting    
    • -Do not discuss business- If they ask you what you do, give them a personalized mission statement- Benefit plan for what you do for a living “I assist my clients in the areas of wealth accumulation, preservation and..”  
    • -Do not give out your message in atmosphere you can’t control  
    • -Do not give business cards- always sell yourself first  
    • -Jot down memory trigger on their bcard
  3. Approaches For Developing Knowledge
    • Tap the Knowledge of Sales Experts- they must have high numbers and have done it for a long period of time
    • Read 30 mins per day w unbiased eyes
    • Ask For Feedback from people that don't love you
    • Analyze Successes and Failures- never make same mistake twice- combo of skill and luck
  4. Joint Work
    • Complimentary personality types- Not the same as you-
    • An orderly agenda
    •   Talk in advance about who is going to talk about what
    • Everyone buys based on emotion- have emotion breaks
    • Put your ego on the shelf- They just have to like one of you
  5. When presenting to two people
    • Have them sit next to each other not a crossed from each other
    • Get there first
    • Take the head of the table- for what you discuss you are the expert
  6. “The Joint Work Video”
    • Dennis and Rudy
    • Selling to Tom and Pat
    • Decider? Tom Hong
    • Personality type of decider? Driver- not waste time stay in control
    • How they interpret information? Visual
    • Accepts text based visuals HNB Pharmaceuticals
    • Tom denotes time in weeks- use his language
    • Rudy doesn’t break emotional rhythm- doesn’t butt in and Dennis doesn’t have to look for it
  7. Planning for the sales call
    • ·     
    • to Increase productivity
    • ·     
    • And to Not waste time
    • Name
    • Address Telephone Occupation
    • Income Family Status
    • Background (Where they went to school if they did)
    • Hobbies
    • Personality type
    • Visionary
    • Primary Objective
    • Minimum Objective- Least I can walk away with (i.e. 500 units)
    • All human beings operate in comfort zone and never stray more than 10% away from our comfort zone in either direction
    • ·     
    •          ($5,000 balance in check account- get 10,000 lottery- spend it until you get back to 5,000)
    • o  
    • Emergency and depleted back to $500- start saving until $5,000
    • o  
    • B- student and you get a C then you study to get a 95% and get a B-
    • ·     
    • Responsibility of a manager to shift up comfort zones
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