OLS 252 Chptr 16

  1. Where does a job description come from?
    Comes from a job analysis.
  2. Where does a job specification come from?
    This comes from a job analysis.
  3. What is needed first before a HR can search for employees?
    A job analysis needs to be done on the job.
  4. What are different ways to perform a job analysis?
    Observation Method. Individual/Group Interview Method. Structure Questionnaire Method. Technical Conference Method. Diary Method.
  5. What is a job description?
    This tells about what needs to be done in order to do the job.
  6. What is a job specification?
    This tells what a person needs to do the job.
  7. Is an unstructered inteview affective?
    This type of interview is inaffective a selection device.
  8. What are the different ways HR can recruit employees?
    Interviews. Written Tests. Assessement Centers. Work Sampling.
  9. What is the difference between work sampling and assessment centers?
    Work sampling replicates job. Assessment center assess problem solving abilities.
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OLS 252 Chptr 16
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