BCA 512 Chapter 4

  1. Multichannel programmers = cable, DBS, wireless cable, conventional broadcasting
  2. Marketing and promotion = 1. on air promotion 2. print aadvertising and promotion 3. affiliate advertising and promotion 4. internet advertising and promotion
  3. Four broad functioins: 1. on air promotion 2. print advertising and promotion 3. affiliate advertising and promotion 4. Internet advertising and promotion
  4. Trade advertising = aimed at gaining more system affiliates
  5. Former international channel, AZN emphasizes narrow tageting to the channels high potential to reach Asian Americans
  6. Top role of promotion is determined by market size, economics, power, automation and commitment.
  7. Most highly paid: Cable promotion personnell
  8. NAB= National Association of Broadcasters
  9. Four functions to enhance station image: 1. audience promotion 2. sales promotion 3. community relations 4. research
  10. Duties of promotional personnell : 1. brand image 2. Press relations 3. Daily news promotion 4. General administrative responsibilities.
  11. Audience promotion - aquisitive or retentive. Focused on branding or tune in. Divided betewen internal and external. Avails... Fixed spot promotions
  12. Point of purchase promotions ( games and contests in retail stores paid for by advertisers rank highest for radio promotion managers)
  13. Community involvement is element is three quarters of aquisitive and retentive promotions for radio stations.
  14. Research affecting promotion: 1. provide a benchmark to measure the market place 2. be used to isolate an acheiveable goal for marketing efforts 3. pretest the effectiveness of a campaign concept 4. Measure campaign performance.
  15. Primary research - direct contact.  Focused on concept testing, image prodiuct segmentation and auience identificationl.
  16. Image research: measures how effectively an image campaign is working after it passes concept stage. " how an audience thinks about a network"  attitudes and perceptions.
  17. Benchmark research : tells audience already thinks. 
  18. Concept research includes testing of formats slogans campign ideas music and grapgic styles.  Results a wulaitative test will predict how wwell a promotion can produce a winner.
    Establishes first read audince on what the content of different campaigns means to them.
  19. Qualitative concept testing - audience acceptance of certain images associated with a give promotion .
  20. Ad agencies and ratings firm care most about having hard numbers that show effectiveness.
  21. upgraders: current subscribers who can be persuaded to add various additional services.
  22. Qulatiative research - open ended questions analyzed formally .. Answers image and conept testing
  23. Focus groups: research is qualitative. Less than 100. 8-12 people in small groups.  Controlled. May include fee. Attaract people with alot of time and want money.

    Identifies issues and pretest the wording of questons. Problems bias and lack of generalizabilt . Randomly selected .
  24. Auditorium and theatre testing: 50-100. Problem - large size requires extended interviewing to obtain qulitative data.
  25. Cable testing: in advance pof programs air date.. Request to biw specific program. PRoblem few cable companiies authorize use of channels
  26. Nielson = crates national and braodcast Tv and cable networks

    Arbitron Radar - rates natial radio networks.
  27. Radio ratings - 7 day diaries ... laggard diaries =radio listeening for previos week.  Filled out in kitchen homes. ...WOWOS lustenrhip larger than competitor WIBC
  28. Budget management tool to plan what a station of system wants to do  expressed in numbers. Monetary guidline to accomplis their goals.
  29. AMrketing and promotion regarded as support arms.
  30. Promotional planning: 1. the plant= tthe promtions work arrea . 2 on air and print promtion ( in house and out of house and sales support needs  3 depatment personnnel hiring traing 4. measure producitivity
  31. Increrase audiece recognition, ratings for the stations evening news, favorable newspaper storiso about news anchors, qualitative ratings of news anchors.  Concrete.
  32. First step contact business office.
  33. Nine categoris personnel administraton , office admin, travel and entern. techincal supplies advertising expenses. print. sales promtoin. research. other advertising promotion.
  34. Trade manuveriong 1 on airm on newspaper space outdoor signage concert sport event
  35. Monthly spreads ... description of each expenditure allocated acrots teh total year.  SPREAD stimating ecpenses month by month
  36. Forecasting . Accountability
  37. Variance report : needs budgetd amount for the moneth .
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