Dental 100 Final

  1. The first dentist was from?
  2. DANB
    Dental Assisting National Board
  3. Who created the Dental Assisting Code of professional conduct?
  4. ADAA
    American Dental Assisting Association
  5. OSHA is mostly concerned with
    • safety of employees when they are at work.
    • regulating hazardis waste
  6. Do elderly still need to take care of health?
  7. Is osha training manditory
  8. What training to dentists have to provide?
    OSHA training
  9. Who is responsible for stopping the transfer of disease?
  10. Contract and Tort are under what law?
    Civil Law
  11. Dr. Black came up with what?
    5 classifications of cavities
  12. protien is a rutrient responsible for what?
    healing and building body tissue
  13. Calcium is a mineral responsible for what?
    growth and healing of bones
  14. gingical bleeding is mor common for which people
    peoplw who have other health complecations like cancer or pregnancy
  15. florosis
    too much floride
  16. Main advantage to cloride dioxide?
    disenfects quickly
  17. the color and number labeling of chemicals was created by?
    the National Fire Protection Association
  18. purpose of barriers
  19. infection control
  20. Dry heat sterilazation
    cooks instruments
  21. what equipment is used to apply abrasive agents to polish teeth?
    proffy cup and dental applyances
  22. coronal polishing purpose
    is to remove coronal stains
  23. chemicals that are a potential health hazard are coded what color
  24. if a dental office were to fail an OSHA inspection, what can happen?
    they can be closed down until the problem was fixed
  25. OSHA requires a ____ immunization?
    hepatitis B
  26. microbiology is important to prevent what?
    disease transmission
  27. where are contaminated gloves disposed?
  28. too brushing alone only doesn't clean which sides of teeth?
  29. what is used to clean interproximal sides of teeth?
    • rubber stimulant
    • floss
    • proxy brush
  30. orthodontist deals with
  31. endodontist deals with
    pathology that incolves pulp
  32. maxial facial oral surgen deals with
    diseases, malformation and injuries
  33. proxidontist deals with
    resotation and replacement of teeth
  34. periodontist deals with
    surrounding tissue of tooth
  35. there are how many Hepetitis cause by different viruses
  36. what is a contagious birus that is easliy spread?
  37. peracytes that can only live inside a host are?
  38. protozoa
    changes shape as food is ingulfed
  39. plants that lack clorifill are?
    algie, yeast, and molds
  40. contatious biruses that remain dormant and are spread by direct contact are
  41. sodium floride and esigulated fosphate floride are?
    professionally applied floride
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