Chairside/Mixing cements

  1. Steps for seating patient?
    • 1. Call patient by first or last name not both
    • 2. Place items in area they can see
    • 3. Sit in chair
    • 4. Place bib
    • 5. Update Medical chart
    • 6. Place PPE
  2. How to assemble syringe?
    • 1. Place carpule into syringe
    • 2. Burp twice
    • 3. Screw on needle
    • 4. Pass the syringe to the dentist from the bottom with pinky around cap
    • 5. Place handle around fingers and pull cap with pinky
    • 6. Recap and disemble
  3. If a patient has heart problems what kind of anesthetic should they use?
    w/o epinphrine
  4. How do you dispose of the syringe needle and carpule?
    Sharps container
  5. Where do you dispose of blood soiled gauze?
    Biohazard container
  6. What items do you disinfect in the operatory room?

    • 1. Chair and
    • 2. Light handles
    • 3. Counters
    • 4. Wipe down hoses
    • 5. Flush lines
    • 6. X-ray settings
    • *recover with barriers..(chair, x-ray buttons, light handles, Hve and saliva ejector)
  7. How do you pass a syringe to the dentist?
    Behind the head or below the chin
  8. How do you assemble a tofflemire matrix?
    • left upper/right lower... U/ right
    • right upper/ left lower...U/left

    • small opening toward gingival (gums)
    • bigger toward opening of the tooth
  9. How do you place and retrieve instruments to/from the dentist?
    place the instrument into their hand, holding from the top

    retrieve with pinky
  10. How do you mix ZOE? (Zinc oxide eugenol)(IRM)
    • 1-scoop
    • 2¬†drops of liquid

    Mix until it is powdery enough to roll into a ball
  11. How do you mix Zinc Phosphate?
    • glass slab
    • 2-3 scoops of powder divided in to 8-16 increments
    • 4-5 drops pf liquid

    add powder to liquid until you get a 1 inch snap
  12. How do you mix polyether?
    • 1-base
    • 1-catalyst

    • 2 lines side by side the same length
    • Mix in a figure 8

    Add into quadrant tray
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