sat words

  1. putative
    commonly accepted, supposed as truth
  2. obfuscate
    darker; to confuse or make difficult to undersatnd
  3. desultory
    with a plan or purpose, disconnected random
  4. opague
    impossible to see through- to understand
  5. unctuous
    oily, both literally and figuratively, excessively flattering
  6. mendacious
    lying, untruthful
  7. disparage
    to belittle, to say uncomplimentary things about, usually in a somwhat indirect way
  8. inexorable
    relentless; inevitable; unavoidable, impossible to stop or prevent
  9. esoteric
    hard to understand - understood only by a few
  10. tenuous
    flimsy, extremely thin, very weak
  11. polemic
    a powerful argument, often made to attack or refute a controversial issue
  12. obdurate
    stubborn, insensitive
  13. discreet
    exercising or showing prudence and wise self restraint in speech and behavior , free from ostentation or pretension-modest
  14. ardent
    passionate, enthusiastic
  15. metamorphosis
    a magical change in form, a striking or sudden change
  16. callow
  17. moribund
    approaching death, about to die, on verge of becoming obselete
  18. contrite
    admitting guilt, especially feeling remorseful
  19. whimsical
    capricious, erratic, oddly out of the ordinary, subject to change
  20. petulant
    rude, cranky, ill tempered
  21. tenacious
    persistent, stubborn
  22. sacrosanct
    sacred, held to be invoilable
  23. erudite
    scholarly; deeply learned
  24. audacity
    boldness, reckless, daring
  25. rogue
    a criminal, dishonest person
  26. enervate
    to reduce the strength or energy of, especially to do so gradually
  27. officious
    annoyingly eager to help or advise
  28. itinerant
    moving from place to place
  29. misanthropic
    hating manking
  30. egalitarian
    believing in the social and economic equality of all people
  31. recant
    to publicly take back/deny
  32. stricture
  33. urbane
  34. poised, sophisticated, refined
  35. rapacious
    greedy, plundering, avaricious
  36. recalcitrant
    stubbronly defiant of authority/ disobedient
  37. consummate
    perfect, complete, supremely skillful
  38. dictum
    an authotative saying, un addage, a maxim
  39. furtive
    secretive or sly
  40. preciptuous
  41. perquisite
    a privelege that goes along with the job (perks)
  42. distend
    to swell, to extend a great deal
  43. proletariat
    the industrial working class
  44. circumlocution
    the use of many workds where fewer would do, esp in a delibertae attempt to be vague or evasive
  45. reiterate
    to say again, repeat
  46. obtuse
    lacking quickness of perception, intellect, loack of intelligence, slow to understand, lack of sensitivity
  47. rudimentary
    basic, crude, unformed
  48. ineffable
    incapable of being expressed or described
  49. extol
    to praise highly, to laud
  50. acquiesce
    to comply passively, to accept, to assert
  51. hermetic
    impervious to external influence
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