Business and Cyberspace Law

  1. Section 102 covers what things under copyright code?
    Literary, Musical, Dramatic, Pantomines or Cherographic Motion Pictures, Sound Recordings, Architectural works
  2. Things not covered by copyright code
    titles, short phrases, expressions, names of products or services, slogans, mottos, recipe's
  3. Are informational works covered under copyright code?
  4. Ideas, methods, and systems, are they covered?
    Only expression of idea, not idea itself
  5. Whos owns the copyright?
    The creator owns the copyright immediatly on creation
  6. Works made for hire
    employee makes something for employer, employer owns copyright within the scope of employement, does not include independant contrator
  7. ownership does not convey copyright
  8. five rights owned by copyright
    • reproduce
    • prepare copies
    • distrubute copies
    • perform publicly
    • display publicly
  9. duration of copyrights
    • 70 years after authors death or final authors death
    • 95 on work for hire or 120 from publication
  10. Class TX
    nondramatic literary works
  11. Class PA
    Performing Arts
  12. Class VA
    Visual Art
  13. Class SE
    Serials, newspapers, articles
  14. Class SR
    Sound Recordings
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