Anthropology Chapter 10

  1. Descent Groups
    Group based on belief in shared ancestry.
  2. Family of Orientation
    Nuclear family in which one is born and grows up. 
  3. Family of Procreation
    Nuclear family established when one marries and has children. 
  4. Neolocality
    Couple establishes new residence. 
  5. Extended Family Household
    Household with three or more generations.
  6. Collateral Household
    Household made up of siblings and their spouses and children. 
  7. Unilineal Descent
    Matrilineal or patrilineal descent. 
  8. Lineage
    Unilineal descent group based on demonstrated descent. 
  9. Clan
    Unilineal descent group based on stipulated descent. 
  10. Demonstrated Descent
    • Used by a Lineage.
    • Members can recite the names of their forebears in each generation from the apical ancestor through the present. (Not necessarily accurate, but lineage members thinks they are)
  11. Stipulated Descent
    • Used by Clans
    • Clan members merely say they descend from an apical ancestor. 
  12. Ambilineal
    Flexible descent rule, neither patrilineal nor matrilineal. 
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