intro test

  1. first document of rabies
    Cattle people on cattle drives
  2. rabies first called 
  3. Virus attacks
    Central Nervous System 
  4. 1946
    Grey fox rabies outbreak
  5. 1975
    a Skunk rabies epizootic began
  6. 1976
    • awareness programs started
    • citywide vaccination campaigns started 
  7. 1977
    Fair market of wild animals (skunks and ratcoons) sold as pets. One was rabid and could of caused major spread of rabies 
  8. 1979
    • rabies outbreak in dogs 
    • major awareness campaigns
    • 66th legislature (Rabies control act)
  9. 1994
    Oral rabies vaccination program
  10. 1995
    statewide rabies quarentine no transportation on animals to from or within states
  11. 2003
    rabies vaccination went from a one yr vaccination to a one or three year vaccination
  12. required all dogs and cats to get vaccinated for rabies
  13. testing component for rabies
  14. test used now for rabies 
    fluoresecnt antibody test
  15. test previously used for rabies
    negri body test
  16. who does not get rabies
    birds and reptiles
  17. what country does not have rabies
  18. 2 main transmitters in harris county
    skunks and bats
  19. Rabies specimen shipped as 
    Biological Substance: Category B
  20. specimens should be ___________ when shipped and packed in a __________
    • triple contained 
    • fiberboard box
  21. never_________ a specimen
  22. 1844
    Louie pasture created a prevenitive vaccine against rabies
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